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Needed my 4s dock connector repaired

by chadsims

My Problem

I have upgraded to a 5s but I have several accessories that connect with the 4s including my withings blood pressure cuff and romo robot. I wished to continue using my 4s with these.

My Fix

The repair went well. I have some experience with electronics and repair. The instructions were very well documented and the images were very helpful in completing the repair without damaging other components. I am very happy that I found ifixit and their tools, parts, and instructions. I could have gotten the part for less but the tool list and instructions made it worth paying a little extra.

My Advice

I did have trouble with the Philips screw driver I bought from the required tools list. The head of the screw driver was too small for the screws on the iPhone. I used another that I had but the shaft if that screw driver was very nearly too big. Additionally I needed a magnifying glass and bright light to aid in the repair.