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The smartest and dumbest SVP

by albertacevedo

My Problem

Our company SVP of sales goes on a trip to vegas for an sale expo.

On his way back from the trip his smartest and dumbest idea was to think because the apple air was in a sleeve it would be safe so he puts the computer in the overhead compartment. He later tells me after it was damaged that everything in the overhead moved around. Clearly everyone knows that and knows not to put a laptop in the overhead. But I guess he is clearly the dumbest smart person I met.

My Fix

The repair went well. Cheaper than sending it to the apple store.

My Advice

Put a pair of noise cancelling headphones on and some relaxing music and zone yourself out before doing this. It's not as hard as it looks just follow the guide. Also best advice wear an antistatic band or work on anything that's antistatic.