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I just died in your MacBook Pro tonight!

by dmcallis6336

My Problem

I was playing an online game just wandering around the game world when BAM! I received the black screen of death. I didn't know what happened so in a panic I hit the power button. Nothing! I said what the frack happened now! So I plugged up the power cord and there was life! I then noticed my battery icon had a "x" thru it. I knew if I took it to my local Apple repair shop it would cost a ridiculous amount of money for a battery and they would have to install it. I know this from a previous upgrade experience. I knew I could do it my self and I found your web site and knew that I would be forever liberated from the evil clutches of the Apple repair store.

My Fix

Your guide and parts made it one of the easiest, quickest computer repairs I have ever completed. Easy to follow guides and excellent reference videos made the whole experience smooth as silk. Thank you Ifixit.

My Advice

My advice is to follow your advice and guidance. It couldn't be any easier.