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a classic iPod Revival!

by Krishna Sadasivam

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My Problem

I found my 2003 4th gen iPod while cleaning out my studio. It wasn't maintaining a charge, but it would power on when plugged in. I wanted to bring the iPod back to active duty because I believe that repair is, in fact, noble. Plus, I needed to kick out some jams in the car and 20GB of music was difficult to pass up.

My Fix

The repair went really well. The toughest part was opening up the case. A butter knife served me better than the supplied plastic tools in the iFixit case. Once the case was open, the operation was a breeze. I did not need to unplug the headphone connector on the inside of the unit (Step 8).

My Advice

Be patient. You can do this. It was the best $14.95 I spent - and the bonus is I have a dedicated music storage device I can use anywhere. iFixit shipped my order FAST. I received the kit within two days. The operation itself took about 2 hours - and 1.5 of those hours were spent trying to open the case with the supplied plastic tools. Hint: Use a butter knife instead.