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Macbook Pro Mid 2012 HD replacement with a superb SSHD 1TB

by michaljarrinzak

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My Problem

I had a 500GB HDD in my Macbook Pro and since I use my Macbook to produce EDMusic I started to run out of space and had serious performance issues in the end.

My Fix

I bought the 1TB SSD HD from ifixit.com with the repair toolkit and cloned the OSX with all my files to it via USB over night. Next morning I replaced the HDD following the instructions in the ifixit videos and bingo, I have a superb fast Macbook and working perfectly with no issues at all. Thx Ifixit!

My Advice

The small round magnet inside the SSD case sometimes got out of it when mounting the HDD. I got it set in again after fighting a little bit. I think that metallic magnet should be totally enclosed within the rubber case. imho of course.