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Old men can do repairs on mimi's too!

by davelectro

My Problem

My daughter gave me her husband's ipod for use in my old pickup that I had just updated with a new radio that had a aux input. She had forgotten that the battery was on its last leg and she was upset with herself for giving me another project to work on.

My Fix

I had a real problem getting the unit from its case because of a dent in the case. In fact, I thought I broke the headphone board because after assembly I had no sound but had display. I tried again and found the board was not tight enough and simply needed to be snapped into place.

My Advice

70++ can install batteries in these little devices too! I have since installed a second one with great success on a unit I purchased on e-bay. I highly believe in repairing things rather then just throwing them away. Remember, many times the first units off the assembly line are the best; the later ones are after they have been engineered for less costs to make.