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Dual Internal Hard Drives; new life for my kindergartener-aged 2008 MacBook Pro

by robadelman

My Problem

My computer is old, and the Superdrive no longer works.

My Fix

The repair took several hours. It would have gone very smoothly if it weren't for two very problematic problems: two stripped screws.

I ran over to Lowe's but they didn't have any needle-nosed pliers, so I tried the long-nosed. It couldn't get the screws out, but they were about to basically rip out a couple pieces of metal that allowed me to extricate the superdrive. It wasn't pretty. I have an identical MBP, and removing the Superdrive on that was easy.

Installation with the ifixit enclosure was easy.

My Advice

Have equipment on hand that can deal with stripped screws....