My Problem

Dropped my laptop, got the infamous question mark folder error upon booting. Great I thought it was my aging hard drive that had crashed, used the opportunity to get a new SSD installed. I had no way of testing the old hard drive so I assumed that's what was broken. Popped in the new SSD and it still wouldn't boot. I ordered this SATA cable hoping that was what was broken and I wouldn't need a new logic board.

My Fix

Easy. Only needed Philips screwdrivers. Unibody MacBooks of this vintage are pretty easy to repair, actually. New SSD is installed with new Sata cable and it works amazingly well. Super fast.

My Advice

Careful with the little screws that hold the aluminum case on the bottom of the laptop. They go in at an angle but it is too easy to accidentally cross-thread and screw straight down.