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2hours open heart surgery to my Iphone4S

by gerpisan

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My Problem

Power button KO. I fix it cause is by far the cheapest and funniest way of recovering your phone..

My Fix

Flawless repair, slow cause it took me 2 hours, but thanks to the ifixit guide I had no problem at all.

My Advice

The guide lacks somme photos specially concerning the light sensor extraction which is quite a pain, and I thought I had break it when I discovered that theres a metal clip retaining the sensor, which is not indicated on the guide, it just says to use the plastic tool to take it out, but not knowing how it's mounted you could easely tear down the sensor until you discover theres a retaining clip which doesn't comes out easely with just the help of the plastic tools...it needs some more playing with the twezers to take it out..