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Home button Assembly

by gonis

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My Problem

the home button would not work when depressed

My Fix

It was interesting - lots of small screws, 45 minutes to dis-assemble, 1-1/2 hours for assembly once you learned how to deal with the size of the screws.

My Advice

My tips for this repair:

1. If you don't have bins for the screws that are labeled, print out the instructions and tape the screws to that specific page and mark down the size.

2. Get a pair of Jewelry glasses so both your hands are free

3. Practice re-inserting the home button connector with the old home button to get a feel for the insertion and placement within the mating connector (this is a fragile Flex PCB)- once you get a feel, then install the new button, once the connector is in place, hold it there and push the locking latch in position then release.

4. Make sure your tools are magnetized.