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Fom happy, to sad, to sorrow

by circusboy19

My Problem

Dropped iPad 3, shattered front glass, pieces coming off the edge of the iPad.

My Fix

Repair went very smoothly, I check the repair guide several times as I waited to get the part from ifixit, also watched their video guide couples of times, so when I finally got the front panel I was very much ready as one can get from reading, and watching the tutorials.

Finally got the part, the only issue I had was with the part where the glass was badly shattered, other than that, it was pretty straight forward.

My Advice

For advice, make sure you verify the integrity of the part, when I got mine I saw air bubbles in the front glass, I thought I was the plastic film covering the glass.

It turns out the part is defective, it has a lamination problem, as air got caught in between the glass and the digitizer.