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The Bosses Family Imac

by waltermiraglia

My Problem

Either way I would need to open up the mac to get to the hard drive, and I compared getting the hard drive out to replacing the power supply and it was a tiny bit more involved, so instead of just getting the hard drive I offered to replace the power supply which i was pretty sure was the issue with the mac. My boss is a great guy, and has a great family, so I thought it would be worth it to at least try.

My Fix

the only issue I had was the metalic tape around the lcd screen, it was not easy to get off and tore quite a bit. I put all the bits back, and all I can say is I'm glad it would not be visible on the completed job...

I also had a bit of trouble getting the case to close afterwards, one corner would not go in all the way, it was about 98% in, not sure what was preventing it from going all the way... My boss was pleased and said not to worry about it.

My Advice

maybe a blow dryer to warm the metalic tape up before trying to take it off? it might come off easier?