Repair Stories

These are stories, written by people just like yourself, all about repair. Some end well; some end poorly, but all are fascinating tales of repair adventures. Read through some of the stories below, and perhaps you will be inspired to fix some of your own things — even the ones that aren't broken... yet.

The camera was unable to focus on anything further than 1 foot away. It would keep struggling and never settle. In a really quiet room you could even hear the mechanism grinding away.

The broken Xbox One controller came DOA, and I decided it would be less of a pain in the butt to repair it myself instead of trying to deal with Micro$oft's customer support/RMA program.

We gave my old MacBook to my father-in-law's caregiver so she could work on some language courses and connect to some safety monitors. But it turned out that my optical drive had gotten flaky since I'd last used it and I already knew that the screen had a vertical bar with a different intensity, probably from dropping it a while back.

My iPhone 5 power button had gotten to the point where it barely worked. The battery was not so great either, so I figured I'd swap that out while I was in there.

The front panel glass of my 3Gs was smashed, but everything else worked.

After upgrading my MacBook Pro to have an SSD I really felt how slow my iMac was, so I decided to put in the addition.

We have a help desk and needed a more useful tool to hold our screws. The magnetic mat works perfectly and stores under our metal cubicle furniture. We had a discount after one of our techs got reddit gold, so we figured we'd buy a set of mats.

I had recently got a MacBook Pro 13" non-retna, for its repairability and upgradability. I got i7 processor with everything else base specs, knowing that i can upgrade the HD and RAM easily with iFixit guides. Now i have enough storage space to partition for a triple boot and migrate my old mac mini and windows laptop data over (both are over 7 years old and dying) plus create an new Ubantu partition, and have a 3-in-one fancy compy to last for years to come.

It was a rough week for my Surface RT, apparently, as it decided to stop recognizing its own battery in an existential sort of way. Very meta. Good timing as well--one week past warranty.

(When on, it showed a battery error icon in the tray. Once the battery died, the charger light didn't turn on when plugged in)

Original hard drive went bad, had to replace it.

After very successfully replacing my 2005 HP iPod Photo battery with an iFixit kit, I just picked up a few items that will help on some of the miniature work that I'm into right now.

My eyes aren't getting any younger so the Head Magnifier, Helping Hands and Inspection scope will keep the details in sight.

The two Gerstner Toolboxes are going to free up some bench space and keep the small stuff organized.

The Flush Wire Cutter is the best there is and will make quick work out of small places.

The images show my 38" diameter digital clock that uses Atomic Clock reference reception of WWVB.

The only problem I have is that one of the rubber pieces on the screw driver was cut off when I got my ToolKit (I'll upload a photo of it), not a big thing but it just ticks me a bit. ' cant help my OCD I guess' lol

I wanted to upgrade the stock 5400 RPM HDD on my Mac mini, and I wanted to be able to use both OS X and Windows. Since I was already going to be digging around the inside of my mini, I decided that I wanted to be able to Dual Boot with each OS having its own drive. Luckily for me, the Mac mini has a second INTERNAL drive bay, and so I was able to get exactly what I wanted!

One day I've turned on my iMac 21.5'' iMac and worked one it for about 30 minutes, then i went for a quick meal to my kitchen :) after i got back I've noticed that iMac is off, I've tried to turn it on but there was no signs of life whats so ever, straight away i went on to forums throe my laptop and searched what could be causing that and i found few ways how to test it, so i took it apart and ind out that its 99% that this is the power supply fault.

Had a shattered front glass on an spare, working 3GS that was being used as a perfect music storage device [via usb hookup into a JVC car stereo]. Wanted to fix the glass to use it as a phone in Europe, since the electronics were all operational in the phone. Touchpad worked fine through the shattered glass!

Our PS3 (80gb backwards compatible) died with the YLOD, and we are too heavily invested in PS2 and PS3 games to move on to PS4, yet.

My oldest daughter had a rash of bumble fingers. She must have dropped her iPhone 10 times. It was a mess. The battery wasn't charging at full capacity and the screen began losing pieces each day. I began the 3 1/2-hour task of repairing her iPhone. She fell asleep waiting for me to get done. She woke up with her ringtone going off.

Original Seagate HDD failed. Yes, I got a recall notice in 2012, and put off the repair until it was too late to get it done for free in early 2013. So ... it had been working fine anyway. What's to worry about?

Nevertheless, I reviewed the iFixit EMC 2308 HDD replacement guide a year ago and printed it out.

On a Monday morning, bootup failed -- no disk recognized, etc. It's dead, Jim.

Called my loyal son, who did time as a repair tech, to confirm my diagnosis and to ask about the possibility there were other things wrong. Don't worry about those other things, he said -- the odds are astronomical. Time to order a replacement drive and the tools to resurrect the computer.

The stock 500GB was filling with photos, movies, and music.

My iPhone 5 battery was dropping 40-50% of its charge within an hour or so. After driving 70 miles to the nearest Apple store, they confirmed it was the battery not a software issue. $80 to replace an 18 month old battery, wasn't going to happen. So I came to iFixit after hearing about them on numerous podcasts over the years.

My daughter was taking a photo of her twin sister when a passerby knocked her elbow and her phone fell to the ground. It landed on the front edge and subsequently cracked it. She was very distraught and the fissures pretty severe. Having twins makes buying an new iPhone very difficult on our meager budget. I needed to save money, so I chose to ventured into the iFixit program.

My daughter spilled a lot of nail polish remover into her MacBook Pro keyboard, making it turn off immediately. Hereafter she used a hair dryer to dry it, melting 3 keyboard buttons.

The Mac would not boot hereafter, and the disk tool could not format any of 3 disks I tried. I made a full hardware test on the Mac, finding no problems. I tested the hard disk in an USB enclosure, and it worked fine.

Using Google I found out, that many people have solved this kind of problem by changing the SATA cable. Even though I find the price for this SATA cable extremely high, I decided to buy it to find out, if the Mac should end as spare parts, or could be used again.

iPod classic was giving me a red circle with a red X.

I might have gotten it a tad moist but I wiped off the seawater that got splashed onto it very quickly - not quickly enough it would seem.

The original 1TB in the 2010 iMac was starting to feel slow. I considered an SSD, but capacity was also a concern, and the new hybrids seemed like a good balance.

My old iPod 4th Gen/Photo couldn't hold a charge anymore, and it seemed a shame to abandon it when new batteries are so cheap. At 60GB, it can still hold my entire music library.

needed more speed and storage for my image processing workflow.

My iMac hard drive died (for the 2nd time) - it's a 2007 machine. The first time I paid someone else to do it and this time I decided to give it a shot myself.

My old iPhone 3GS was exploding! The screen was popping out of the shell. I took a guess that it was the battery failing and expanding. The fact that it wouldn't hold a charge was, of course, another clue.

Battery in my spare Macbook Pro 2010 expanded and bent the lowercase.

iPhone battery was only lasting about 30 minutes after having it for over 4 years. Have no real need for new iPhone, but did want to still have an iPhone, so I finally decided to replace the battery.

The screen got smashed when the phone fell on a concrete pavement

The problem was I needed to upgrade my memory on my MAC computer and just could not find the right tools to do the job right. I had tried one company that claimed they had the right tools, but when I received them the tools they sent just didn't work. I found IFIXIT com and new right form the start, based on what was said and the reviews that this had to work, so I ordered the tool set and when it arrived I was impressed with the tool pouch and all the neatly organized tools inside. Went to my IFIXIT app, chose the repair instructional lesson I needed for the computer I was working on, picked out the tool from the kit it recommended, and sure enough I was in the computer and able to change out my memory with ease.

Bought a fat 40GB PS3 in April 2008. Finally gave me the YLOD.

Didn't want to lose my Simpsons episodes or playthrough of Last of Us, so I decided to give this a shot so I could recover my data.

The Sleep/Power button on my iPhone 4s suddenly stopped working.

I often lose parts and the mat seemed like a great idea. Having the ability to make notes on the work surface enhanced my confidence of actually completing a task without spending more time on my disorganized style than the repair itself.

I wanted the best Mac Mini ever built and Apple doesn't allow heavy customization of the hardware so I did it myself.

Client wants more RAM, plus an Airport Extreme Card to access WIFI. Sounds ridiculous but believe it or not, the Airport Extreme Card was an Option, which means you need to pay extra for it when the iBook rolled out 10 years ago.

A client's iPhone had issues connecting to cellular signals after a battery replacement.

In early January, my fiancee was attacked by a random person. It was a horrifying experience. Luckily, she was able to fight back and escape with only minor cuts and bruises and a dented Macbook Pro. She's a reporter for the Woodinville Weekly and wrote about her account there(

But that's not the end of the story.

Her now-dented Macbook Pro started failing: Spotlight wouldn't index files properly, Word (and only Word) wouldn't save files to the hard drive. Soon, everything related to the hard drive started failing. It seemed that her attacker, who still was not caught or identified, was destroying her computer from afar. It was an unnerving reminder of her attack.

While she wasn't at risk of losing her data (she takes good backups), buying a new Macbook Pro is pretty expensive. So with my help, we decided to repair it instead.

Screen was broken of an iPhone 4.

Applying steady pressure without damaging the LCD when opening your device for inspection or repair.

Mon 4S ne fonctionnait plus au niveau du son. Il fonctionnait en mode haut-parleur et avec le casque. Le diagnostic sur de nombreux forums était de changé le Dock connecter. J'ai changé et en plus j'ai changé la batterie au passage.

I was asked to fix a backlight issue on a 2008 13" black MacBook Penryn by a client. The screen was showing, but the backlight wouldn't turn on and would only flicker when you played with the F1 & F2 keys.

En voyage en Afrique, j'ai fait tombé mon iphone (comme bien des fois avant cela) sur la face avant ce qui lui a explosé la vitre.

J'ai hésité avant de me lancer dans la réparation. Mais le fait de la faire soit même est plutôt gratifiant.

Le seul hic était de trouver un réparateur sérieux.

En effet, de nombreuses offres sont disponibles sur internet le tout est de trouver la bonne (qualité de l'écran de remplacement etc....)

Ifixit semblait être le plus sérieux pour moi.

My wife's iPhone 3GS worked swimmingly, aside from the recently diminishing battery life. It reached a point where even with an apparent bounty of power left, taking a photo or other power-intensive tasks would cause the device to simply power off. Eventually, the device would no longer charge even if left plugged in for an entire day.

my battery kept draining whenever it was on the charger and it would hold a charge but the percent just kept going down.

Suite à un probable impacts contre le coin d'une table.

La coque arrière de l'iPhone est partie en miette.

(Voir la photo)

About two weeks ago it was a boring day so I wanted to play my PS3 about 5 minutes after turning it on it immediately shut down gave the ylod and the 3 beeps. I thought maybe I'll give it another try but the same thing happened only this time it only took seconds. I did some research and came upon the fix kit.

I ordered the frictionless ratchet because these days I repair almost to refurb. standard on equipment that I want to fix. I also thought the iFixit team might be interested in my solution to adapt a podpower trainer to accept any Ironpower gyro.

My Father-in-law punched his laptop and broke the HDD.