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iPod Classic Color Display


Product code: IF130-000-2

Product Overview

This display will only work in an iPod Classic. Make sure you have correctly identified your iPod. You can use ID Your iPod to identify your iPod.

Looking at a broken display for too long, like holding a staring contest with the nearest star or butterfly-kissing a jelly fish, can severely impair your vision. Pamper your eyes with full functionality today with our iPod Classic color display.

This screen can be installed in any iPod Classic.


Identify your iPod

  • All iPod Classics

Product Details

  • Size: 2.5" (diagonal)
  • Resolution: 320x240

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6 month warranty

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iPod Classic
120 GB
160 GB (Thick)
160 GB (Thin)
80 GB


My Problem

My friends headphone jack was only playing out of the right side; same thing had happened to me years ago on my 5th gen which I had to replaced.

My Fix

Well, first off I did not even think to look up a guide on how to proceed with the operation; blindly diving in under the illusion that the 5th and 6th would be exactly alike.

By Jove was I wrong. Prying the faceplate off was a long struggle riddled with anguish. Upon accomplishing this feat I realized that I had cracked the screen and immediately freaked, jumped on Google and found this site and the guide that enlightened me to the procedure that I would have to take in order to accomplish what I now had in store.

I ordered screen and a few tools that I thought would come in handy sometime in the future; pricey: I see it as an investment. They came in on time and well packaged. Rest of the repair went off with out a hitch, reassembled, charged. Now she will be returned to my friend; singing, so soft, and so sweet; luring her with lovely lullabies for nights to come.

My Advice

Do not rush in; take the afternoon off, put on the kettle, and be sure and stop to see the intricate, ingenious, engineering within your ipod.

My Problem

Dropped iPod classic 7G had cracked screen. Decided to upgrade while fixing, so I replaced the LCD and swapped in a Toshiba 240gb drive. Thicker drive necessitated using a thicker back, so I had to replace the back too.

My Fix

Piece of cake. As usual, the hardest part was getting the case open. Was done in 20 minutes.

My Advice

Unless your screen is already cracked, keep away from the screen as much as possible when opening the case. Work in the middle of the longer-sides first...then get the bottom going. Go SLOWLY!

My Problem

Display was broken after many drops and dunks into water.

My Fix

Challenging task but the instructions were excellent. The tools were valuable but would have been irrelevant without the detailed repair instructions. iPod worked flawlessly after the repair.

My Advice

Consider replacing the front panel when replacing the display. My front panel is sratched and I could have really improved the overall display by also rplacing the front panel.


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