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iPhone 4S Home Button Ribbon Cable


Product code: IF115-008-1
Apple Part #: 821-1436-01

Product Overview

This is the part of the home button that has the clicking action. If you've got a bad home button, chances are this is the culprit.

The home button ribbon cable does not include the plastic home button itself or the rubber gasket that sits on the display assembly. Those can be purchased separately:

Home Button

Home Button Gasket


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  • iPhone 4S

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6 month warranty

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iPhone 4S
16 GB
32 GB
64 GB


My Problem

bad home button , bad docking port , bad battery and dialed random contacts by itself when charging.

Didn't want to buy a new phone or go on another 2yr contract. and having it repaired costs to much

My Fix

The repair went very easy , took a little over two hrs.

My Advice

take your time , and follow the direction's on this site . label the parts when taken apart . and you shouldn't have a problem !


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