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iPhone 4/4S Oppression Kit

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Product Overview

You’re risking the vitality of your phone every minute that passes without safe, secure Pentalobe screws installed in the bottom of your iPhone 4 or 4S.

What if Apple finds out that you liberated your phone?

Don’t jeopardize such a beautiful creation with your negligence and ignorance. Buy the Pentalobe Oppression Kit today—if you swap your screws back fast enough, Apple will never guess that you've been experimenting with freedom.

To ensure 100% maximum protection, we’re selling these Pentalobe screws as part of a kit — the iPhone 4 Oppression Kit. You get everything you need to lock down your phone from prying hands:

  • Two Pentalobe screws to replace the the Apple-fretting Phillips screws you unlocked your phone with.
  • Two screwdrivers for the task: a Phillips driver for the old screws, and a Pentalobe driver for the new screws.
  • iPhone 4 Oppression Kit card, which you should keep in your wallet as a faithful card-carrying member. As an added bonus, the card is a more Apple-approved color: white. Designed by iFixit in California.


Identify your iPhone

  • All iPhone 4s with exterior Phillips screws

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