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Tri-point Y0 Screwdriver


Product code: IF145-081-2

Product Overview

Having a varied collection of screwdrivers is indispensable when it comes to fastening and unfastening different types of screws, as well as administering acupuncture to tractors. Relieve the stress of tricky triple-slotted screws today with our Tri-point Y0 Screwdriver. Slightly different then a tri-wing, this driver fits some of the smaller "tri" screws found on Apple track pads and other products.

Product Details

  $9.95 Pro / ESD / USA





Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty


Top of the line professional made in USA driver with swivel top ESD safe ergonomic handle.

Lifetime Warranty.

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My Problem

Trackpad's "clicker" button worked intermitently. Dragging-and-dropping had begun to feel mostly like just dropping.

My Fix

The tutorial was great, after reading it I felt confident enough to perform the task blindfolded. Loved all the pictures and markups. The repair went pretty smooth, though some of the suggested tools were wrongly sized. The Philips P00 that was recommended felt over-sized and I believe should have been a P000. I also felt the Y1 recommended was undersized and should have been a Y2.

My Advice

I got the economy drivers and was unimpressed. While they did work for the job I wouldn't want to use them again for fear of stripping screws. I used the "add tools to cart" feature and missed the premium option. Next time I will get the nicer versions.

My Problem

got mad, busted my pad, fixed it quick with the help of these sticks

My Fix

excellent! tutorials on this site are FANTASTIC!

My Advice

just use this site, its freakin spectacular

My Problem

The rubber pad had worn off my wavebird's joystick after years of zealous use.

My Fix

The screwdriver could not have been better. I got the professional series tool, and I think it was worth it. It fit perfectly, and I did not have to worry about a substandard tool damaging the screws. I got the part from for a great price.

My Advice

It is even easier than the guide describes.

My Problem

My son had a 5 year old MacBook that had a broken trackpad. It is a great machine and has at least a few years left of service. Apple and an independent shop each wanted almost $350 to repair it.

My Fix

The repair went great. The video was extremely helpful, and the directions that could be printed out step by step provided a great way to keep track of the screws and hardware that had to be dismantled and put back.

My Advice

This type of repair is definitely something the average person can do. It is great to be able to independently repair something you rely on and not have to be reliant on others who will charge several times what the repair is worth.