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Sugru Moldable Rubber (3 Pack)


Product code: IF145-171

Product Overview

Sugru is the self-setting rubber for fixing, modifying, and improving your stuff.

  • Let out your inner designer
  • Tune your stuff to your life
  • Comes in a variety of colors

Sugru has a expiration date printed on the package. Your Sugru will be shipped with at least 6 months remaining.

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$11.95 White





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$11.95 Black





Sold as-is; no refunds or returns

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Product Details Edit

Tech Specs Extreme ¶ 

Shore A hardness: 70

Density: 1.3g/cm3

Tensile Strength: 1.89 Mpa

Youngs Modulus: 5.59MPa

Strain to Failure: 211%

DIN Abrasion Resistance: 24% ARI index (Standard used ISO4649 Method A)

Electrical Resistivity Surface: 1.40 × 10^14 Ohms (Standard used BS903)

Electrical Resistivity Volume: 2.55 × 10^14 Ohms (Standard used BS903)

Williams Plasticity: 160mm

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My Problem

The home button has not worked well since I got the phone. Over the last year, it got worse. Unable to wake the phone with the home button. Took too many tried for the phone to realize when I did press the button. The power button also stopped working on one side. Could only depress one end of the button.

My Fix

The repair overall went very well. I used the guide just as the name suggests, as a guide. It was for reference. I took my time and took it one step at a time. I have worked with many things, but the numerous small parts did have me a bit nervous. It took me under three hours to replace the power button assembly/cable and the home button. I did not pull the display cable/ connector far enough when putting back together and had to undo the 10 screws holding the display to the case the first run.

My Advice

I would not have tried to remove the earpiece from the power cable while in the phone. Upon review, I would have removed the cable and gently separated the adhesive holding the foam/earpiece from the cable on a flat surface. It would have been much easier and kept me from ripping a small piece of foam. I wish I would have paid more attention when buying parts and grabbed an extra foam seal. All seems to be fine regardless with no issues at this time.

I was able to completely replace the display for a coworker in under an hour having already taken my phone to that basic level as well. Experience having done it once definitely made it much easier. I would note that there is a plastic piece around the front camera and the little grill for the earpiece should be removed and put on the new display if not already there.

I did not take pictures, but I can say that I am extremely happy that my phone is better than when I got it!! I was also very happy to help my coworker out. He watched me take his phone apart and put it back together. He was amazed and relieved that I did it instead of him! Thank you, iFixit, for such a great and informative sight! Give me good instructions and the correct tools and I believe I can fix just about anything!! Great work!!