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Portable Soldering Iron


Product code: IF145-093

Product Overview

A remarkably handy tool, our Portable Soldering Iron heats up faster than an electric soldering iron, can be used where electricity is unavailable, and offers a hot blower action. The easy to use piezoelectric igniter means you don't even need to carry around a match, it lights itself! It's good for shriveling heat-shrink tubing and for solder reflow, but it's too hot for softening adhesives. Leave that to a heat gun.

These irons burn the same butane used to refill lighters, which is available at grocery, hardware, and liquor stores for a couple bucks. Due to shipping regulations, new irons are shipped empty.

Product Details

$19.95 Economy





30 day warranty


Includes 3 assorted tips, hot air blower, and torch function. Runs for 1 hour on a fill.

$179.95 Pro / Japan





6 month warranty


We went looking for the best portable soldering iron kit and found it in Japan. Features separate on/off, heat adjustment, and ignition controls. Good balance and quality feel. Clear ring around the handle acts as fuel level indicator. Runs for 2 hours on one fill.

We have replacement tips too.

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Product Details Edit

We recommend purchasing solder, heat shrink tubing, and desoldering braid with your soldering iron to ensure you'll be ready to tackle all those repairs.

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Manufacturer: Engineer

Man. SKU: SK-70

Weight: 3.84 Ounces

Length: 10.43 Inches

Height: .79 Inches

Depth: .79 Inches