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JIS Driver Set

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Product code: IF145-115-1

Product Overview

This is our set of hard to find JIS drivers in #000, #00, #0, #1 sizes. Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) screws are very common in personal electronics from digital cameras to RC Helicopters. JIS screws are often marked by a single dimple pressed into the screw head.

JIS screws are not designed to "cam-out" or strip the head when overtightened like a Phillips screw, and can be damaged if a Phillips driver is used. JIS drivers can be used in both JIS and Phillips screws with no damage.

This made in the USA set of 4 JIS drivers matches our Professional line of screwdrivers and has ergonomic swivel top ESD safe handles.

Product Details

  $22.95 Pro / ESD / USA





Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty


Top of the line professional made in USA drivers with swivel top ESD safe ergonomic handles.

Lifetime Warranty.

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My Problem

Screen was cracked

My Fix

Brilliant thanks to ifix it guide

My Advice

Not hard whatsoever as long as you have the tools and tech savvy experience

My Problem

Now I can fix all my iPhone, iPad and iPod easier than before and I will buy some more tools to make high qualities works, thank you!

My Fix

Everything Ok!

My Advice

Be careful with your device before it breaks.

My Problem

The device was still relatively useful and the repair isn't too hard.

My Fix

Quite easily - the hard part is getting the case apart.

My Advice

Use the metal thin tools to release the plastic bezel - the cable to the digitizer is super fragile so be careful removing the bezel after releasing it.