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Portable Anti-Static Mat

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ESD Protection On the Go

When it comes to Electrostatic Damage (ESD) there is no point in taking risks. Whether you are away from the workbench, or you don't have a workbench at all, this anti-static mat will ensure that your sensitive electronics are well protected.

Not to be confused with our other anti-static mat, this mat (aside from being a vibrant shade of red) is easily folded, stuffed, and moved. But, that doesn't mean it will falter in protecting your electronics from static damage. This mat includes the grounding clip.

Learn more about how to avoid turning your beloved devices into expensive paperweights in our full post or the video below.

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60 day warranty


Dimensions: 26" x 24"

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Product Details Edit

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The portable anti-static mat will make sure to protect your sensitive electronic component when you are away from the workbench. You can even wrap your electronics in it! One side of the mat features handy pockets for stashing and holding screws, components, or tools.



My Problem

iPod screen

My Fix

It went well. We bought the pad because we had ruined a couple of iPods by not having one,

My Advice

To use an anti static mat to avoid frying the circuitry

My Problem

Could not use CD/DVD-slot. AND... the SD-card.... ;-(

My Fix

The repair went fine, using the iFixit-guide for replacing the DVD-drive.

Re-mounting the display-cable was the biggest chalenge. Why on earth do they use such a small and fragile connector at that place; plenty of space there!

My Advice

The heavy-duty suction cups do not suc very good, because the hole in the piston for the axes of the lever is just a little too far from the suctionpad. I placed a 9mm washer over the piston under the lever and now it sucs! Well!

My Problem

Power lock button didn't work any more.

My Fix

GREAT! Had to back up/undo the reassembly part way through for I forgot to install the position sensor. After that all went well.

My Advice

Wish y'all would put the reassembly steps in the guide step by step for better flow of the project.

This is a very tedious fix, should only be attempted by persons with patients and an eye to details.

Sorry no picture the IPhone is my only camera

My Problem

I was unhappy working on an old towel, laying screws and parts willy-nilly. I also needed to add more HD space into the machine in anticipation of lots of graphics work. With the right tools and materials, I went about this job.

My Fix

Piece of cake - and really safe - parts in the right places.

My Advice

I bought the Wooden-Box-Toolset. The only slight difficulty I had was removing and reassigning the silver bracket that holds the optical drive in the near to the camera-cable and the SATA connector. The collar on the all-in-one screw driver was too big and the driver had to go in at a slant. Removing the end-piece and connecting the bit to the driver body made it a tad short, for me. I had a slim screwdriver for those 2 small screws... a minor difficulty with laptop work.... otherwise, nice hardware!

My Problem

My DVD drive was busted. In order to use TurboTax, I had to upgrade to Snow Leopard or higher Mac OSX. In order to upgrade, I had to use a DVD. Therein was the problem.

My Fix

It went very well! The instructions were clear and accurate. I am impressed with your site and will surely recommend it to others and use it again.

My Advice

Leave space on printed instructions to allow taping screws to the page without obscuring or damaging the instructions or pictures.