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Magnetic Project Mat

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Product code: IF145-167-4

Product Overview

Repair can be tough. This mat makes it easier.

  • Simply organizes all your parts while you work on a device.
  • Dry erase surface lets you keep notes and stops mistakes.
  • Reduces reassembly time by up to 40% while preventing errors.
  • Magnetic surface is safe for hard drives and other modern electronics.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 8" x 10" x 0.105"

  $19.95 Pro





6 month warranty


The Pro version of the Magnetic Mat has a non-slip foam backing, and features a much more powerful magnet making it ideal for larger screws and metal objects. Retail Packaged.

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Product Details Edit

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Anyone who has done electronics repair knows how irritating lost screws can be—if you’re lucky, you’ll end up with a slightly lighter laptop. If you’re unlucky, your $1,000 laptop will be brought to its knees by a $0.05 clip hiding under a table leg. Designed by fixers, for fixers, the 8”x10” Magnetic Project Mat solves this repair problem. Spacious and secure, the mat will catch and hold screws as you pull them out of a device.

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Use it as a workmat during cell phone repairs, and you can stop worrying about screw tracking and focus on the cell phone; all the screws will be right where you left them. For laptops with hundreds of screws, use the whole mat as a screw guide and keep careful notes to not get lost.

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The included pen is uniquely suited for the Project Mat. It’s made by Staedtler, the German pen company that makes top-of-the-line pens and pencils for artists and architects. Their Lumocolor Correctable pen doesn’t smear or wipe away like most dry erase markers, so if you brush your hand across the mat while performing a repair, the ink doesn’t scratch or smear. However, the eraser tip or a dry cloth wipes the ink away clean.

This mat will enable you to work more smoothly and efficiently. Check out our video, and learn how it can make lost screws a problem of the past.

Tech Specs ¶ 

Mat ¶ 

Surface: Dry Erase

Length: 10 inches

Height: 8 inches

Thickness 0.105 inches

Pen ¶ 

Brand: Staedtler

Ink: Lumocolor Correctable

Color: Black

Tip Size: .6 mm



My Problem

A friend's iPhone 5 battery was depleting too fast and she still has about 2 months before her mobile contract ends. So what could better than a quick and cheap fix?

My Fix

A bit difficult at first, especially the part where you have to open the screen of the phone, but thanks to the opening tool that comes with the package, it actually make a big difference. One has to be patient and apply constant pressure as how the instruction video said.

My Advice

Perhaps, do note that on some cases, you may have to remove the screen protector cos it makes the suction cup less effective.

helpdesk's Story Photo #340806

My Problem

We have a help desk and needed a more useful tool to hold our screws. The magnetic mat works perfectly and stores under our metal cubicle furniture. We had a discount after one of our techs got reddit gold, so we figured we'd buy a set of mats.

My Fix

Works great. Does what it is supposed to do and saves a lot of work space.

My Advice

Nothing. The product works like it is supposed to.

My Problem

I have had my iPhone 4 now for a long time. Thinking about upgrading to the iPhone 6 this summer. But then the screen broke after it hit the floor one time to much. Aaa !@#$ no. I'm not gonna buy a new phone now, so I decided to fix it.

My Fix

Repair went very well. It was also my first. I ran into one problem when this one screw didn't come loose and it was the last scew that held the display assembly in place. So I broke the plastic thingy on the old and on the new one and made it fit. Haven't got any problem after the repair. And also I think while reassembling the iPhone I also fixed the wifi-problem I've had for a long time. So now I have a new screen and much better wificonnection.

My Advice

Take your time. And the Screw trays is highly recommended. Reassembling was easy when I knew a exactly where each screw fit.

My Problem

Mac mini was kind of slow and I had a 256 gb Crucial M4 SSD taken from a Windows PC. I decided to reformat and add the Crucial SSD to the Mac.

My Fix

After using the Fixit kit for Dual drives for Mac Mini and the magnetic pad to keep the screws from getting lost and using your step by step instructions for adding an SSD drive to a Mac Mini, everything went well. I had a few glitches because I have extra large hands and working on something that small was challenging. It took me around a half hour to actually install the SSD and put the Mac Mini back together. The Mac Mini runs almost as fast as my 8 core Windows PC now.

My Advice

I formatted the SSD using a USB adapter before I did the install. That way it recognized it right away as a Mac drive. I didn't clone the SSD using the Mac disk utility. I used a free version of Carbon Copy Cloner. It worked like a charm. I'd recommend it. As far as your step by step instructions, I found them to be right on the money. With the help of the Ifixit magnetic organizer pad and the dual drive Mac Mini kit, it made things really easy. It just takes a little guts to get going. Thanks.

My Problem

I was having problems with the lightning connector. To connect I had to pull the cord upwards and around the phone, carefully put my phone down and pray that the connections wasn't lost while charging/transfering data.

My Fix

I ordered the tollkit and the magnetic mat, The tools I needed of course, but I am REALLY happy I ordered the magnetic mat as well. The tiny screws are easilly organized, and I would have been lost without it.

The screws are tiny and I had a constant fear that I had broken something while unplugging different connectors inside the phone. After going through the process and doing it in reverse also (this is where the magnetic mat really comes into play) to put the phone back together, it all worked perfectly without a hitch. It took some time, perhaps a couple of hours. If you plan on doing it more then once I would think this operation can be done easilly within 30 minutes to an hour, once you are familiar with the steps. I was also not sitting comfortably (too low table... I regretted that when I finally sat up from the miniature world I was in) I was also afraid to brake the parts, and this can only be learnt by experience so it can easilly be done much faster then I was working.

I was also constantly checking the video and the online step by step guide (both were essential, but if I where to choose I would use the step by step guide, but crosschecking it to see how the person in the video did the steps was also helpfull).

All in all I was very happy with the repair. For sure I will try all repairs myself from now on.

My Advice

Magnetic mat - essential for me at least to organize screws by steps and size

Good light in work area

Use a table and chair that is comfortable - especially if you are inexperienced, it will take some time for you to complete all the steps, and you don't want to spend 2-3 hours hunched over the TV table :)

Good luck!

My Problem

I started experiencing horrible battery life and realized the problem was my phone was never sleeping. The phone kept thinking it was on the charger when it wasn't.

My Fix

Excellent! The pictures were a great help and everything went much as described. I did have a little trouble getting the power button cable reattached, but once you've taken it apart, the second time goes much faster. :)

My Advice

From reading the comments, be very sure you have the CDMA version. If you have the GSM version, read up before you dig in!

My Problem

My iPhone 5 battery was losing its charge quickly and erratically.

My Fix

Mostly, the repair went well as I followed the instructions in the video and in the associated written directions and photos. The tools in the kit worked well and were essential.

My Advice

My main recommendations are as follows:

-- Be gentle and be patient.

-- Use the magnetic mat to avoid losing the small parts.

-- Use the tweezers with magnifier to handle the screws.

-- Read other people's accounts and recommendations. Everyone has different experiences and there are many good suggestions.

-- Do not expect a perfect fit of the panel once you're done. You are opening a device that is not really meant to be opened by the consumer. If the fit is not perfect but the phone works fine and the new battery works as it should, the minor imperfections should be tolerable. At least, that's how I feel with a DIY job. Eventually I'll get a new iPhone and the fit will be perfect -- until it's time for another replacement.

My Problem

I wanted to try out Ubuntu without erasing Win7 or using a bootmanager. I took a pretty new spare hard drive for a clean Ubuntu install.

My Fix

I've replaced hard drives before, but was constantly losing one screw or another in the process. These times are over now thanks to the magnetic bits (Pro Tech Toolkit) and the magnetic project map. Everything went well, but Ubuntu takes some getting used to.

My Advice

You want to change a hard drive - it's easy. Just give it a try!

gstanton's Story Photo #335721
gstanton's Story Photo #335719
gstanton's Story Photo #335722

My Problem

My daughter was taking a photo of her twin sister when a passerby knocked her elbow and her phone fell to the ground. It landed on the front edge and subsequently cracked it. She was very distraught and the fissures pretty severe. Having twins makes buying an new iPhone very difficult on our meager budget. I needed to save money, so I chose to ventured into the iFixit program.

My Fix

This repair job was a mind-numbing exercise on patience and dexterity. I was extremely nervous I wouldn't get though it. I just took my time and concentrated on what I was doing at each step in the procedure. I meticulously kept track of each and every piece using the magnetic project mat I purchased from iFitix. It securely held all the metal pieces in place. I was able to make notes where every part went in each step.

Do not force anything. Use a soft touch to remove and assemble screws and use the plastic tool to gently pry and push parts on and off.

Get some magnifying glasses. These pieces are tiny and make sure there is abundant lighting to see what you're doing.

Oh, don't plan on anything for a few hours.

My Advice

I found the suction cup method DID NOT WORK. If your screen is severely cracked there will be no way to get a good suction on the screen from all the various cracks to pull it apart. The air is drawn through all the fissures causing the cup to release before enough resistance can be maintained to pull the face apart.

My solution was to wedge an Ex-Acto knife between the housing and the glass to pry enough of an opening to allow the plastic tool to work. Doing this I slightly nicked the edge, but there was no alternative to get the face to open up. After reviewing some other notations to the guide, a person suggested to use clear packing tape applied to the top of the cracked screen.

When heat was needed to loosen parts around the home button I simply held the iPhone up against a lamp with a 75 watt bulb I was using for extra lighting. I was afraid to use a hair dryer with so many minuscule pieces exposed.

I wish the descriptions offered insight on other items that are important, such as the little plastic square set-screw spacer washer made to prevent the thin camera/mic shield from bending when the screw is tightened. It fell out when I remove the mic and camera and I have no idea how it went back together. I just left it out. The absence of this piece doesn't appear to have any affect on the phone's functionality.

The clear plastic camera mount was removed from the old face and place in the new — also not mentioned. This looks more like formed hot glue. I removed it and placed it on the new screen to help secure the camera.

There are no foam pieces attached on the connector ribbons of the new screen. I wish that was included in the kit. I tried to remove them, but was unsuccessful due to the thinness of the material.

Don't forget to take the red protective plastic shield off the new screen. This step wasn't very clear in the description.

Getting the ribbons in place is a very tedious procedure. Much care should be taken to secure these back into their sockets. DO NOT RUSH this process. Make sure they snap into place or you'll be opening the iPhone up again. Lining them up is difficult as your eyes strain to focus where they go. I gently pushed with my plastic tool until I felt the end pop into place. Get good lighting to illuminate this area as the multiple ribbons can cast a lot of shadow on the sockets.

My Problem

L'iPad 3 a chuté dans la salle de bain !!

My Fix

Très bien, trois heures pour changer la vitre ! Une fois qu'elle est cassée, il est très difficile de la décoller, sans les outils impossible, merci iFixit.

My Advice

Attention à l'antenne WiFi en bas à droite !!

Beaucoup de patience !