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Inspection Scope


Product code: IF145-153-1

Product Overview

Professional QC magnification inspection scope, with LED light.

  • Used by the electronics industry to hand inspect solder joints.
  • Bright white LED gives you a better view, and comes with batteries.
  • In-scope ruler and tool slot for tweezers

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6 month warranty

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Product Details Edit

Tech Specs ¶ 

Magnification: 10x

Lens Diameter: 30 mm

Lighting: White LED

Power: 2 C Cell Included



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woodytus's Story Photo #340173

My Problem

After very successfully replacing my 2005 HP iPod Photo battery with an iFixit kit, I just picked up a few items that will help on some of the miniature work that I'm into right now.

My eyes aren't getting any younger so the Head Magnifier, Helping Hands and Inspection scope will keep the details in sight.

The two Gerstner Toolboxes are going to free up some bench space and keep the small stuff organized.

The Flush Wire Cutter is the best there is and will make quick work out of small places.

The images show my 38" diameter digital clock that uses Atomic Clock reference reception of WWVB.

My Fix

My lighted hands digital clock will need everything from my tool order and more.

The clock uses two Microchip 8-bit controllers - One to advance the current Atomic Time, set time zone and adjust lamp brightness while positioning the two proportional servos to the correct hand positions. This chip also outputs a pulse-train of current time into a second controller chip that acts as a smart port expander that drives the twelve purple hour LEDs which pattern against the current time from a table of time & actions in its memory.

Some of my tools date back to the late 70's so a tool upgrade was sorely needed.

My Advice

As modern devices get smaller and smaller, the right tools are just what the doctor ordered.

My Problem

Left fan started making terrible noise

My Fix

Piece of cake

My Advice

The instructions would have benefited with some close up photos of the fan power connector. Both seated and unseated, so you could see how it snapped together.

My Problem

First it looked like it was a tweak problem.

After installing a audio tweak only the up button was responding.

but after de installing and checking on the internet it seems clear that the audio control button itself was broke.

The button was also not making the same sound as the up button when you press it, also pressing feels different.

So I searched the net and found FIXIT.

First there was some misunderstanding with them that they could not ship to Curacao but after it was clear that we do not have zip codes in our Islands the order was shipped, within 5 days I had it here...FAST! Many thx for you support and your nice manuals GREAT

My Fix

Pretty easy, just follow the manual...Nice set up

My Advice

As electronic developer/installer/repair guy it was easy to install according your manuals.

What could be on option, and that is what I always do when I have to demount a lot of screws: I just print a A3 or A4 paper with square blocks and numbers. when I take out some screws I put this in step one. the next screws I place between the lines at step two etc.

Or what I did in this case, I just printed out the pictures in small format and placed the screws on the top of the drawing where I took them out.

Very easy, you never put the wrong screw on the wrong location.