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Hobby Knife

Not for sale

Product code: IF145-033

Product Overview

Hobby Knife with 5 spare #11 blades (6 blades included total).


Product Details Edit

Exacto Knife


Use the extremely sharp blade of an Exacto knife for most cutting purposes. The replaceable blades are brittle and may break if bent excessively.



My Problem

I needed to cut away some material

My Fix

Very well thanks to the good tools.

My Advice

Keep it up. What can I say? It worked as expected.

PHS's Story Photo #157852

My Problem

I got a business and decided to start repair iphone... saw your excellent guides and wanted the same tools as you used.

My Fix

FINE! Two Iphones fixed! (Broken screen)

My Advice

Maybe an updated screw-pdf, I missed one "circle" for a screw.