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Digital Caliper

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Product code: IF145-016-1

Product Overview

An easy to read 6" Digital Caliper measures down to .0005"

  • Precision machined, hardened steel measuring jaws
  • Can display both inches and millimeters.
  • Carrying case has custom all foam interior.
  • Track screws on iFixit Guides which list screws by length.
  • Improve the quality of your guides.


  • 6" Digital Caliper
  • Carrying Case
  • 2 LR44 Batteries

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6 month warranty

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Product Details Edit

Tech Specs ¶ 

Measuring Range: 0 to 6 inches (0 to 150 mm)

Resolution: .0005 inches (.01 mm)

Accuracy: +/- .001 inches (+/- .002 mm)

Measuring System: Linear Capacitive Measuring System

Display: LCD

Power: 1 1.5V LR44 Battery



My Problem

Haha... there was no problem... or to be more accurate there is not only one specific problem. I fix everything needs fixing all the time. I also love DIY things for my needs. So I better have all available tools handy in my collection.

I am a communication designer and a design thinker. For me tools are much more than just a way to fix things. There are inspirational equipment that lead me to a solution. No matter if I have to fix an iPhone or to create a rotation device for my time lapses, or to find the best way to promote my clients business. There are tools to get your job done and to find a solution for every single problem. Using your tools correctly is a precious skill.

My Fix

Repairs go always very well because every single time there is something new to learn. So it doesn't matter if you succeed or fail, you will always be a winner.

My Advice

My advise is: "try to fix everything you can, because at some point of your life you may find that to repair is the only solution you have for some precious things, and then you will appreciate the lessons you have learned so far in your fixing things history".

There is a story behind every attempt to correct things and make them work, and this story is not only a technical one.

To fix a broken device is like to give life to something. It inspires you and increases your self confidence. It shows you that you are able to make things work and this may as well apply to other parts of your life.

Thanks for your time

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woodytus's Story Photo #340173

My Problem

After very successfully replacing my 2005 HP iPod Photo battery with an iFixit kit, I just picked up a few items that will help on some of the miniature work that I'm into right now.

My eyes aren't getting any younger so the Head Magnifier, Helping Hands and Inspection scope will keep the details in sight.

The two Gerstner Toolboxes are going to free up some bench space and keep the small stuff organized.

The Flush Wire Cutter is the best there is and will make quick work out of small places.

The images show my 38" diameter digital clock that uses Atomic Clock reference reception of WWVB.

My Fix

My lighted hands digital clock will need everything from my tool order and more.

The clock uses two Microchip 8-bit controllers - One to advance the current Atomic Time, set time zone and adjust lamp brightness while positioning the two proportional servos to the correct hand positions. This chip also outputs a pulse-train of current time into a second controller chip that acts as a smart port expander that drives the twelve purple hour LEDs which pattern against the current time from a table of time & actions in its memory.

Some of my tools date back to the late 70's so a tool upgrade was sorely needed.

My Advice

As modern devices get smaller and smaller, the right tools are just what the doctor ordered.