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4mm Nut Driver


Product code: IF145-008-2

Product Overview

We've tested a bunch of 4mm nut drivers, and found the outer diameter on most is to large, preventing them from reaching any recessed nuts. Our 4mm nut drivers have a specially machined tip and thin wall socket to allow it to fit places a normal nut driver or socket can't reach.

Product Details

  $9.95 Pro / ESD / USA





Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty


Top of the line professional made in USA driver with swivel top ESD safe ergonomic handle.

Lifetime Warranty.

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My Problem

I was told by an apple store that the I/o board had a problem but because they found traces of coffee near the battery lid they didn't repair it for me under the AppleCare warranty I had which was a big shame.

I put this off for a long time but after receiving the parts and sitting down to do it it took me an hour or so to replace it and it fixed the problem straight away. On the origInal i/o board there were three tiny condensors that had burned away but as far as I can see there was no evidence of coffee on this board so I don't think this was caused by spilling coffee at all.

My Fix

Smooth as silk.

My Advice

When you take out screws put them in little bowls or containers you put on a sheet of paper. Write down the step number and use colored markers in the same colour as the guide if you need to make sure you distinguish between different screws.

I only needed to do that in one step and drew colored circles on the paper and put the screws in the respective circles.

Don't be hasty and don't force anything.