iBook G3 12" Keyboard (Long tab)


Product code: IF150-063-1
Apple Part #: 922-4641, 922-5165

Product Overview

This keyboard has a tab which must insert into a slot in your iBook's upper case. Before purchasing this item ensure that your existing keyboard has a tab (about 2 inches by 1/8 inch) beneath the arrow keys. This tab is noticeably longer than the small tab below the command key. You should also verify that there is a corresponding slot in your computer's upper case to insert the tab into. If you are also purchasing an upper case, make certain you purchase an upper case with a slot for the keyboard tab. The correct part is IF150-027 (transparent white) or IF150-057 (opaque white). The above listed upper cases are interchangeable and differ only in color.


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  • G3 12" iBooks with a keyboard tab slot the upper case

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iBook G3 12"
500 MHz
600 MHz (16 VRAM)
600 MHz (8 VRAM)
700 MHz
700 MHz (Opaque)
800 MHz
900 MHz