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PC2700 1 GB RAM Chip


Product code: IF111-021-1

Product Overview

Cheetahs developed speed as an evolutionary advantage over Ferraris, which happen to share the same diet of antelope and succulent roller coasters. Put a mini-cheetah in your computer today with our PC2700 1 GB RAM chip.

Adding RAM to your PowerBook or iBook can provide a significant performance boost. Does not work in 1.67 GHz High-Resolution 15" and 17" PowerBooks.


  • All Aluminum 12" PowerBooks
  • 1, 1.25, 1.33, 1.5 or 1.67 Low-Res (1280x854) GHz 15" Aluminum PowerBooks
  • 1, 1.33, 1.5 or 1.67 Low-Res (1440x900) GHz 17" Aluminum PowerBooks
  • All G4 iBooks

Product Details

  • Height: 1" (Low Profile)
  • Type: 200 pin, 333 Mhz

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6 month warranty

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iBook G4 12" 1.33 GHz
1.33 GHz
iBook G4 12" 800 MHz-1.2 GHz
1 GHz
1.2 GHz
800 MHz
iBook G4 14" 1.42 GHz
1.42 GHz
iBook G4 14" 933 MHz-1.33 GHz
1 GHz (128 RAM)
1 GHZ (256 RAM)
1.2 GHz
1.33 GHz
933 MHz
PowerBook G4 Aluminum 12" 1-1.5 GHz
1 GHz
1.33 GHz
1.5 GHz
PowerBook G4 Aluminum 12" 867 MHz
867 MHz
PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15" 1-1.5 GHz
1 GHz
1.25 GHz
1.33 GHz
1.5 GHz (BT 1.1)
PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15" 1.5-1.67 GHz
1.5 GHz (BT 2.0)
1.67 GHz (Low-Res)
PowerBook G4 Aluminum 17" 1-1.67 GHz
1 GHz
1.33 GHz
1.5 GHz
1.67 GHz (Low-Res)


Franky's Story Photo #324654

My Problem

Client wants more RAM, plus an Airport Extreme Card to access WIFI. Sounds ridiculous but believe it or not, the Airport Extreme Card was an Option, which means you need to pay extra for it when the iBook rolled out 10 years ago.

My Fix

Extremely easy following the step-by-step instruction, which is indeed a life saver. Thanks iFixit,

Just a little bit tricky with the setup and OS. As the iBook comes with OS X 10.4 Tiger, it doesn't support WPA security, so I had to upgrade it to 10.5 to make the card working properly.

My Advice

It was an enjoyable upgrade, just like fixing a vintage car. It did cheer me up when I see the iBook. See the photo? Look at the condition! Good as new! Its like just unboxed! The owner even keeps the plastic sheet and place it between the LCD and keyboard. She said she never ever gets any serious problem, except the faded, aged LCD for sure, even the battery is the one comes 10 years ago!

I've seen so many Mac's in extremely horrible conditions even only few months old, then I see this. People, please respect what you've got, if you abuse it, you definitely not deserve it, or calling yourself a user.

I do really think it will cost a big dollar if she keeps the condition as is.

My Problem

It's always better to have more memory. :)

My Fix

All went rather easy.

My Advice

Make sure that you sap it completely into place or it will not show up.

My Problem

The iBook in this story was passed down from my sister to my mother, then given to me since, as my mother says, it stopped working. After booting the device from a Disk Warrior disk, I determined the unit needed a new hard drive.

I spent a few months researching the cost and steps necessary for putting a new drive in the iBook and found the iFixit site. The process looked intimidating. I could see a few steps where I was sure I was going to damage things beyond repair, but decided to proceed all the same. What did I have to lose? I was enticed by the thought of having a working Mac laptop for the cost of a new hard drive.

I did briefly contemplate allowing the blue-themed big box technology store do the install, but decided against it when the clerk told me it would only take 30 minutes. I had seen the steps on iFixit. Not only did I not believe it could be done in 30 minutes, I didn't believe it could be done well in 30 minutes.

I ordered all my parts from iFixit, including a RAM upgrade, since I was going to have the iBook opened up already.

My Fix

I had a second laptop with the installation guide from iFixit opened for reference. I don't think I would have been able to do this task without it.

I made sticky notes for each step, on which I placed the screws removed during that step, set on a diagram of where the screws were located relative to the laptop. This helped me stay organized.

I somehow missed the note that I was going to need a T8 Torx tool and had to go out to Wal-Mart at 11:30 pm to purchase one. Of the two Torx sets I own, neither had a tool smaller than T10.

I did end up with one extra screw--one I missed in the replacement of the upper shield. I think the reference photo for this step was confusing for me. I also lost one of the springs from the battery compartment. I found it the next morning, but I'm not willing to re-open the iBook to install it.

My Advice

It takes more force than I thought to get the plastic case removed. This is anxiety-producing. I was sure I was going to crack it beyond use. I also stressed over damaging the connectors on the mother board, but they are not as fragile as I thought.

Use the spudger to push/pry and move things. It is a wonderful tool.

This is the most difficult computer repair/installation I have ever attempted and I am extremely happy that it was successful. I would not even have attempted it without iFixit.


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