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PC2-6400 4 GB RAM Chip


Product code: IF111-038-1

Product Overview

All rockstars admit that performing their best depends on inspiration, tireless practice, and the ability to surf on people. Headbang to an awesome performance today with our PC2-6400 4 GB RAM chip.

Adding RAM to your computer can provide a significant performance boost.

Although Apple reports the maximum RAM for the Early 2008 iMacs and Mid 2009 MacBooks as 4 GB, you can actually install up to 6 GB in these machines. These computers have two available RAM slots. This 4 GB RAM chip can be combined with a 2 GB chip, yielding a total of 6 GB of RAM. Although 8 GB will physically fit, the system will be unstable if 8 GB is installed.


  • 2 GHz (Early 2009) Core 2 Duo MacBooks
  • 2.13 GHz (Mid 2009) Core 2 Duo MacBooks
  • 2.4 or 2.66 GHz (Early 2008) 20" iMacs (EMC No. 2210)
  • 2.8 or 3.06 GHz (Early 2008) 24" iMacs (EMC No. 2211)

Product Details

  • Height: 1" (Low Profile)
  • Type: 200 pin, DDR-2

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6 month warranty

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Replacement Guides

MacBook Core 2 Duo

Difficulty: Easy



iMac Intel 20" EMC 2133 and 2210
2.4 GHz (EMC No. 2210)
2.66 GHz (EMC No. 2210)
iMac Intel 24" EMC 2134 and 2211
2.8 GHz (EMC No. 2211)
3.06 GHz (EMC No. 2211)
MacBook Core 2 Duo
2 GHz (Early 2009)
2.13 GHz (Mid 2009)


My Problem

After owning an iMac for 5-6 years, the hard drive had filled up, and the times required to boot and open applications were very slow.

My Fix

Ordered up the parts for RAM and hard drive upgrades from iFixit and followed the online instructions, referring back to the video guides as necessary. This took me essentially a full working day -- not the replacement of the physical parts, but the restoration of the software/the desktop. The steps involved in the latter were not intuitive and took lots of poking around the Internet to find what I needed. Nonetheless, I got there in the end.

My Advice

As you go through any procedure in iFixit, follow instructions closely, improvise where you feel you can get away with it, and use Google frequently as you restore your system after replacing physical components.

My Problem

Computor slow had just installed new hard drive, now was the time to finish the upgrade

My Fix

Easy like changing a light bulb

My Advice

Straigt forward current info I will use this site for any of my needs.Thank You great customer sat.

My Problem

Owner felt the machine had become very slow and he was running out of disk space. Machine had a 250 GB Drive and only one GB of Ram.

My Fix

It was is an EMC 2210. Like many folks I hesitated to take this type of computer apart because of the lack of a visible and easy way to get inside. iFixit's video made all difference. I figured if that pretty young lady to take one of these things apart so could I. It went well and very quickly. I was bit surprised to see the Apple had used what looked like scotch tape to hold wires down and connections together but it works so why knock it. Machine is running just fine and the owner is pleased.

Thanks iFixit.

My Advice

It is not that hard to work on these machines. It does take a bit longer than the typical desktop computer because there are more screws and parts to take off. The machines are well made and thus everything goes back together easily. Go for it and keep that old machine out of the dump.

My Problem

I kept getting the rainbow circle slowing my computer down no matter whether I was in a document or online. I was getting very frustrated - to say the least! Called Apple several times, but couldn't resolve the problem. They finally recommended that I purchase more RAM, but because my Mac is an older model, they did not sell RAM for my computer. The rep gave me Fixit's name -- end of story.

My Fix

I watched the video on youtube on how to install the chip and it was so clear and straight forward that being a non-geek person, I had no problems at all.

My Advice

If a 75 year old non-geek can do it, anyone can. My geek grandson was very proud of me!