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MacBook Unibody (Model No. A1342) Upper Case


Product code: IF160-025-1
Apple Part #: 661-5396, 661-5590

Product Overview

Replacement Upper Case for your White Macbook Unibody

  • The main Unibody chassis for all the parts of the Macbook Unibody.
  • Case assembly includes keyboard, microphone, and small left and right speakers.


Identify your Mac

  • All Unibody (Model A1342) 13" MacBooks

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6 month warranty

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MacBook Unibody Model A1342
2.26 GHz (A1342)
2.4 GHz (A1342)


My Problem

How come the keys aren't working on the computer anymore? I don't know. Maybe its because we accidentally spilled a drink on it. Uh-oh. Well the mac store wants over $300.00 to fix it. The local computer store said they can't help us so it was internet search here we go. I would have never really wanted to have to do this. I tear our cars apart all the time and things usually work out. My wife said she thought this was right up my alley. So click it and ship it along with some tools and i was faced with 47 steps of removing the keyboard let alone getting it back together.

My Fix

All in all it went fairly well. I had to back track a couple of times to get everything back right but the biggest fear was wondering if I got the keyboard plugged in right. It doesn't go back in easy since you are bending a tape and sticking it into a slot. I did not know if I went far enough for it to work but I guess I did.

My Advice

My mac did not have step 33 in it and I wondered if I was missing something. It should be noted that this step may not be necessary. My optical drive and rear speaker came out at the same time. More information about knowing if your keyboard connections are good might give more peace too.

My Problem

I spilled some coffee over my keyboard, enough to stop some keys from working.

I ordered the upper case from Germany and it came relatively fast.

My Fix

It was successful and the only thing I had problems with was getting the keyboard cable back into it's "lock". I had to remove the battery again to pull the cable a little further outside to have more space to work with.

My Advice

It took way more time than I expected but be patient, it's worth the time after all.

Prepare yourself and take your time.

My Problem

Malfunction as of spilling red wine over keyboard

My Fix

Great guide, the comments are the best part of it, alas I found them afterwards

Some screws (4x) were very tight and therefore damaged and difficult to remove (picture 1)

I used a needle file to create new grip and remove them

The battery cable connector (picture 2) also damaged

the picture in the guide suggests to pry at the corner, better try this slowly with different angles of attack

Luckily it operated normal in spite of the damage

The speaker connector also damaged (picture 3)

removal of the connector should be done very careful

it took some time to reinstall it in the proper way

Installing the track pad

So glad I came this far and tightened the T6 Torx screw of the track pad without checking... Experienced it during boot up, everything had to be done over again (second time was much easier)

Keyboard ribbon cable (picture 2)

though I installed it the right way

By placing the battery afterwards the cable is easily displaced and the Mac Book won't boot up

So I had to remove the under case for the third time

The lower case is constructed of rubber-coated aluminum.

the rubber coating gets lose when removing the lower case multiple times… (picture 4)

With the metal spudger the job was done

and YES in the end everything worked as it should. I fixed it !!

My Advice

Read the guide thoroughly AND ALL the comments before you even start

My Problem

J'ai voulu nettoyer mon clavier mais j'avais mis trop de produit. Mon Macbook est tombe en panne.

My Fix

J'ai trouve le site IFIXIT sur internet. j'ai voulu regler la facture par PAYPAL mais cela m'a été refuse. c'est avec appréhension que j'ai regle par Carte Bleue. Mais tout c'est bien passe. Ancien technicien de maintenance je n'ai pas eu de mal a changer la piece. Mon ordinateur fonctionne de nouveau a merveille.

My Advice

IFIXIT est une entreprise sérieuse. j'ai pu suivre mon colis durant son transport et FEDEX m'a livre des que ma piece a été libérée par la Douane

My Problem

My 2 year old pulled some key caps off the keyboard, and then my 4 year old spit lemonade all over my macbook.

My Fix

It went fairly well. I put most of the screws in bowls or baggies labelled with the step number from the repair guide. This helped find the right screws when putting it back together.

My Advice

Separate the different sized screws. Some in the same step differ by less than a mm. Buy a good phillips screw driver; the iFixit torx and tri-wing drivers gave me no problems, but the Canadian Tire phillips drivers gave me a lot of trouble. I was worried I was going to have to drill out a few screws and find replacements.

My Problem

I was given a white MacBook from a friend of mine.

She told me that the keyboard and superdrive where suddenly not working properly anymore. (the superdrive did not eject and the keyboard was just sporadically reacting)

According to a licensed service center, she brought the laptop to before asking me for help, the repair would have cost around 600 €, which was way out of her budget.

Also she was told that the damage was due to a "cocoa-spill", which she thoroughly denied ever happened.

My Fix

At first I tried the usual, aka. run test programs and then take it apart to clean and check for optically visible damage.

The programs all told me that everything was fine, but upon unscrewing the lower case, I was greeted by the biggest cocoa-stain I've ever seen.

So I took the whole thing apart and cleaned everything.

Et voila, the superdrive worked like a charm again.

For the keyboard which was beyond repair (some milk probably had shortened the internal contacts), I ordered a replacement from ifixit.

After reassembling everything (and changing a few keys) I was done.

Time: around 6 hours, mainly due to my cleaning and fiddling

could probably be done in 2

My Advice

My advice:

- even if you live in Austria (as I do) the parts arrive very fast, but beware of import fees

- get some good tools (had to upgrade in the process of taking the thing apart because the screws were suffering)

- don't believe it when people tell you that no liquid was involved

My Problem

I have not received the products that uds they me have sent which has brought me inconvenient and many problems which I am very troublesome for my purchase

My Fix

have not received the products that uds they me have sent which has brought me inconvenient and many problems which I am very troublesome for my purchase

My Advice

have not received the products that uds they me have sent which has brought me inconvenient and many problems which I am very troublesome for my purchase

My Problem

I had two problems: spilled water in my keyboard, and my battery was old.

My Fix

First I bought a new uppercase, a new battery and tools. The package arrived in Brazil very fast.

I followed the tutorial with only one problem: I broke the battery indicator plug. Fortunately, there was a new entire cable in the new uppercase, so that was not a big deal.

My Advice

Be patient ;)

My Problem

I spilled soup on my wife's macbook and then it all went haywire.

My Fix

Ifixit was great! I purchased the top unit $149 and also the recommended tools. This way I could start and knock it out as soon as package arrived. Very straight forward direction. I used the video and the on-screen guide at the same time. took me about 3hrs.

My Advice

The little connectors on the motherboard are very fragile as indicated many times in directions. I broke the tiny one that is used for the front glowing LED. The on screen directions show using the flat end of the spudger to pry, but in the video she used the round end. I thought "Great now I need to buy and wait for the board." Once if figured out it was for the light I was actually glad. I do not like the pulsing glow in a dark room. Anyway, take your time and be gentle.

My Problem

I spilled coffee on my MacBook 2009 keyboard; after drying out, the column of characters 9,O,L,. didn't work, and lots of keys were sticky. I took it to the Apple store, and they said that they had a flat rate $750 fee to fix any liquid spill problems. To which I said: $150 @ ifixit.

My Fix

It went exactly as the guide suggested; total repair time was ~ 5 hours.

My Advice

1. Keep all screws and parts organized; I used little ziplock bags for screws and anti-static bags for electronics.

2. Although it doesn't mention this anywhere in the guide or video, you need to move the little square bumpers on the side of the HDD opposite the clamp from the old case to the new case, or it'll rattle around.

3. The video and the guide remove things in a different order. I don't think it matters, but I followed the guide.

4. Be very careful and don't strip any screws. But if you do strip one or two screws (such as the tiny philips on the battery), it's mostly no big deal.