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MacBook Unibody (Model No. A1342) MagSafe DC-In Board


Product code: IF160-034-1
Apple Part #: 922-9176

Product Overview

Connects wall adapter power to logic board. Safe magnetic connection prevents damage to laptop caused by tripping over the power cord. Identify by 820-2627-A on board.


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  • All Unibody (Model A1342) 13" MacBooks

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6 month warranty

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MacBook Unibody Model A1342
2.26 GHz (A1342)
2.4 GHz (A1342)


My Problem

Mag safe on MacBook was damaged by my kids. No way to power the computer. Repair store said it would cost $275 to have it fixed. This was an older MacBook (2009) and I didnt want to sink that much money in it.

My Fix

Repair went great. Instructions were exactly right and easy to follow. Highly recommend. My first ifixit experience but won't be my last. Huge fan of this site now!

My Advice

Be careful disconnecting the small wires attached to the motherboard. Very delicate.

My Problem

My power cable connector kept overheating and melting the inside of the connector. Eventually figured out that the MagSafe board needed replacing.

My Fix

Smooth, no problem - followed a tip from a user to skip from step 6 to step 18, that saved a lot of work and it went fine.

My Advice

When disconnecting the display data cable, you lift up the little plastic tab connecting to the shiny metal - that's a clip. Then pull the connector out. In the instructions this says "grasp the plastic tab and rotate towards..." but it's not clear.

My Problem

Daughters Macbook MagSafe was damaged and wouldn't charge. Was told by Staples that it would cost more to fix than a new Macbook. Found your web site, ordered the part, dismantled, installed and reassembled. Instructions were well written and easy to follow. All fixed for about $50. Thanks, you saved me a ton of money.

My Fix

Repair was simple with excellent instructions.

My Advice

Don't listen to a repair facility until you check out this site!

My Problem

It was my sisters Mac I fixed which they had dropped and broke the DC-In board. Internally you can tell it was damaged by the dent which changed it's shape due to the force of the drop.

My Fix

The repair took me about an hour simply because I had the right tools at my disposal.

1. The 4 mm screws for the lower case was cake!!

2. Battery removal it's very straight forward even though it's not required but I wanted to blow the dust out of every corner and clean it all up while inside since I already had it open. The battery connector comes out easily.

3. Rear Vent 10 mm and 5 mm screws no problem, lift and you're clear.

4. Logic board AirPort/Bluetooth ribbon cable not sweating it.

5.Can you say tricky and very, very delicate....the fan, rear speaker, sleep LED connectors up off the logic board was the most time consuming for fear of breaking them which by the way are very stubborn when removing but easy to put back.

6. Fan 1 7.1mm & 2 5mm also very simple.

7. Optical drive connector also cake with spudger.

8. Zif socket (fingernail) and you are home free and since I had the battery out ribbon cable easily came out.

9.HD connector just like number 7 :o)

10. Display cable lock was very tricky, stiff and tough to take out so taking the time and exercising patience was priceless to carefully unplug it.

11. Removing the 6 T6 Torx screws and the 2 4.5mm T6 securing the MagSafe wasn't an issue.

12. Finally the logic board also takes a little precaution to safely remove and I was home free.

After some thorough cleaning with air, putting everything back was simple if everything is kept in order.

My Advice

Keep a clean working area and take your time. Totally a fun project which tests your ability or willingness to suppress any restlessness as you are confronted with the challenges of a MAC Book repair. Must make sure you have the right tools or risk further damage. Wouldn't even make any attempts without them..... So please don't try!

My Problem

I had my Mac charging, and I left it sitting on the sofa. It fell off, and landed on the charging side. It pushed the Magsafe board in, and crushed it... Oh no!

My Fix

Fantastic. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful person in my life, who is smart. He replaced the board in about 15 minutes.

My Advice

Make sure you have the proper tools. Macs have weird screws.

My Problem

My daughters Cornellian MacBook was slowly loosing it's charging mojo and I thought I'd attempt the repair using IFixit's parts and videos

My Fix

The dissasembly was easy enough. I couldn't find the right tool for the secret apple pentaculars so I sub'd a hex head and it worked perfect for the smaller screws. For the bigger ones i choose the best fitting blade scredriver and carefully yet firmly teased the fasteners loose.

The miniature connectors in the case are really tiny and without the video I watched for a different repair (screen replacement) I might have dorked one up and I shudder to think what then.

Bummer though I had bought the wrong MagSafe part so make sure you do a better job of identifying which MacBook you have then I did. I made a sketch of the back and placed the fasteners on the paper in the proper locations and that was real helpful.

When the right part came I reassembled (carefully) the myriad little connections and screwed it all together and voila incredibly it works good as new.

My Advice

I wish I'd vacuumed out the inside right after I took the back off and really that should be regular maintenance it had a lot of dust in there.

My eyes aren't what they use to be and I wish I'd had a magnifying glass. If you need reading glasses maybe thats enough but also a strong light would have been much better. You kids won't have to worry until you hit 40 when everything starts the inevitable downhill slide hahahhaha.

I scrimped on the tools but it was a mistake to not have a plastic spooger and a nice little pair of needle nose the other tools i subd were ok but don't blame me if you strip a screw and if you aren't a old hand at the DIY game than just go buy the tool kit with all the right stuff to begin with and you will thank me for that! And thank you IFixit for supplying enough of the know how and the part to give me the best feeling of accomplishment ever in my whole life with a computer repair that I really expected to be completely beyond the average human's capability. Good Luck!

My Problem

The PC accidentally fell from a shelf with the charging plug attached and broke the Magsafe DC In Board inside the PC.

My Fix

From the order process till I received the part in Copenhagen only took 4 days, and the repair took approximately one and a half hour and went very smooth with the help of the iFixit online guidance, excellent. Like having a new computer over again.

My Advice

Take some digital pictures during the dis assembly, so you know exactly which screws go where, and keep them separated in small cups and labelled. That way yo don't get mix ups.