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MacBook 8x SuperDrive (Used)


Product code: IF186-045-1

Product Overview

Apple logo, dual-layer drive. Includes metal mounting bracket. Does not include orange ribbon cable. The cable can be easily transferred from your current optical drive.


Identify your Mac

  • All 13.3" MacBooks (excluding Early or Mid 2009 MacBooks, MacBook Unibody, and MacBook Air)

Product Details

  • Speed: 8x DVD-R write
    4x DVD-RW write
    8x DVD+R write
    4x DVD+RW write
    24x CD-R write
    10x CD-RW write
    8x DVD read
    24x CD read
  • Model #: UJ-857-C or UJ-867 or GSA-S10N




Used, fully tested


6 month warranty

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