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Intel Mac Mini (Model A1283) Fan


Product code: IF171-001-1
Apple Part #: 922-8804

Product Overview

Includes fan and surrounding plastic bracket.


Identify your Mac

  • 2 (Model A1283), 2.26, 2.53 or 2.66 GHz Intel Mac minis

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6 month warranty

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Mac mini Model A1283
2 GHz (Core 2 Duo, A1283)
2.26 GHz (A1283)
2.53 GHz (A1283)
2.66 GHz (A1283)


My Problem

Replace fan on Mac Mini + front & back display on iPhone 4.

My Fix

Received part and tools from iFixit 2 days after placing order.

Replacing fan on Mac Mini:

No-brainer and no problems. Time spent: 15 min.

Replacing displays on iPhone4:

Went like at dream thanks to the perfect guides from iFixit. Time spent: 1h30min.

My Advice

Probably more idiots like me out there who doesn't read the full instruction before starting the work -> Keeping track of all the disassembled part was the biggest challenge.

What I did: Used a dinner plate, tape and marker for parts described in each step.

What I should have done: Print out the readymade sheet provided by iFixit...

My Problem

My Mac mini was making noise for like a month after that it started turning off after every 15 minutes. After this i took my Mac mini apart and realize that fan was the problem it wasn't working. I almost went to buy the new Mac when my friend tell a bout Ifixit. So I check the site out and after looking at few guides order a new fan and fixed my Mac.

My Fix

Repair was smooth with no problem thanks to guides.

My Advice

Before you start throwing out you Mac or Idevice check with Ifixit. And save some $$$


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