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Finding really useful gifts for the tool junkies in your life isn't easy. For years we'd resort to cases of beer to thank the friends that helped us change the oil in our cars. Boring! To help you think beyond a box of cans, iFixit has assembled a list of cool gifts for those repair minded people in your life.

iFixit Favorites ¶ 

Pro Tech Toolkit ¶ 

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Our featured gift or the serious repair tech, the Pro Tech Toolkit is loaded with the most important tools for a great electronics workstation, and can be added onto later with our toolkit expansion packages.

Pro Tech Toolkit Includes:

Buy it now: $64.95

Pro Tech Screwdriver Set ¶ 

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This precision screwdriver set is so awesome that we gave it the "Pro Tech" name and a Lifetime Warranty. This set is designed for heavy use by serious fixers. Each SVCM steel shaft is coated in black oxide for corrosion resistance and added durability. The rubberized ergonomic handles are capped in color-coded swivel tops to make use easy. The Pro Tech Screwdriver Set truly is the set for pro techs.

Buy it now: $59.95

Macro Bit Set ¶ 

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Strange screws appear in equally strange places. Wooden deck? You're going to need a Robertson Bit. Mobile home? Clutch Bit. Elevator? Spanner. As any DIY enthusiast knows, getting caught without the proper tool is incredibly frustrating. Worse yet, an entire repair project can be delayed or derailed by an unanticipated screw type. The Macro Bit Set includes 97 standard and rare bits for all sorts of standard and rare jobs. It's the perfect find to keep any DIY enthusiast in your life prepared for anything.

Buy it now: $34.95

iFixit Lock Pick Set ¶ 

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Don't be foiled by forgetfulness. Long-lost keys keep PC towers and server racks inaccessible to repair techs. It's a common story we hear all too often: a simple repair job turns into a call to the locksmith. Keep a professional Lock Pick Set on hand and you'll never be foiled by a lost key again.

Buy it now: $29.95

Soldering Workstation ¶ 

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This soldering station has everything you'll need to tackle any soldering job. From replacing iPod batteries to building speaker cables, an excellent soldering setup has endless uses. Don't wait for a DIY electrical emergency to gear up for a soldering situation. Get the soldering workstation today and become the ultimate solder soldier.

Buy it now: $49.95

Awesome Gifts Under $25 ¶ 

Essential Electronics Toolkit ¶ 

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Our popular Essential Electronics Toolkit includes all the hard to find tools needed for most basic DIY iPod, iPhone, & laptop repairs. On sale from $29.70 to $24.95! All wrapped up in our "What can You Fix?" bag, the Essential Electronics Toolkit comes to you ready to stuff stockings.

26 Bit Driver Kit ¶ 

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We packed in the 26 most common screw driver bits needed for electronics repair, combined with a grippy magnetic driver handle, extension, and tweezers in our 26 Bit Driver Kit.

Even the case this set comes in is cool. Release the push button latch, and a minor engineering feat of spring loaded unfolding lifts the lid and raises the bits up into an easy to access position.

54 Bit Driver Kit ¶ 

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If 26 bits isn't enough, our 54 Bit Driver Kit will thrill your lucky tool junkie with more than twice the bits! A snazzy swivel top machined aluminum driver handle with o-ring grips, a 6" flexible extension, and enough bits to tackle everything from specialized pentalobe or Torx security screws to good old slot and phillips screws.

This handy kit is also available in a rugged yet beautiful wooden gift box.

iPhone Revelation Kit ¶ 

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Flaunt that iPhone! Apple's stunning design is more than skin deep. With this transparent rear panel mod, you can show off the inside of your iPhone. And it's the perfect gift for any iPhone user on your list who wants to stand out from the pack. Each iPhone Revelation Kit includes a transparent rear panel, an iPhone Liberation Kit to swap out Apple's heinous 5-point screws, and a screen protector.

Helping Hands ¶ 

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For the person who could really use some help, give 'em a hand, or two very small hands and a magnifying glass. These Helping Hands are just the thing for folks who work small miracles in electronics, models, and grain-of-rice art. Two spring clips hold small stuff steady for soldering, painting, and nit picking while the magnifying glass gives a clear view.

Jeweler's Loupe LED Magnifier ¶ 

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While we're on the subject of clear views, take a look through our Jeweler's Loupe with LED illumination. It will make things look twenty times larger while shedding some light on the subject with two bright white LEDs. Folks who work with electronics will get a close look at those tiny components and cold solder joints. Flip the small switch and the ultraviolet LED will thrill rock hounds and forensic sleuths as it reveals the fluorescent secrets in minerals and important documents.

Thirsty Bag ¶ 

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Water damage, a leading cause of electronic device death, ruins the lives of up to 40% of cellphone owners. Left untreated, that dunk in the toilet or splash of coffee can kill all those irreplaceable contacts, photos, videos, and emails. The Thirsty Bag dries out your phone fast and completely, giving it the best chance to work again. Time is of the essence when fixing a wet phone, so keep a Thirsty Bag on hand for your electronics first aid kit or gift wrap one for the gizmo fanatic who is all thumbs.

Digital Multimeter ¶ 

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This multimeter is the just right size with all the right features. Easy to read display with backlight brings the hidden world of electrons to light. Continuity tester with buzzer makes testing circuits quick and easy. This Digital Multimeter even has a transistor test function for the more advanced technician or electrical engineer on your list.

Digital Caliper ¶ 

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An indispensable tool for the serious technician on your gift list. With our Digital Caliper, your favorite splitter-of-hairs will measure things down to .001" (.01 mm). Those are some really small hairs to split and all for under $20. Slip this sleek black case in their stocking and measuring their gratitude will run way off the scale of this caliper.

iFixit 'Fix It Yourself' T-Shirt ¶ 

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People deserve to know when a self-repair genius with mad iFixit skills enters the room. Gift this to the best DIY'er in your life. You never know when or where a repair emergency might pop-up, and the iFixit 'Fix It Yourself' T-Shirt makes sure people know who to ask to save the day!

Available in men's and women's sizes.

iFixit Exploded iPhone 4 T-Shirt ¶ 

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Dress your electronics buff in a T-shirt scattered with all the doodads inside an iPhone 4, and tell the world to fear not... here's someone who can put things back together.

Available in men's and women's sizes.

Big Spenders: Gifts $30 and Up ¶ 

Looking for a swell gift for that special someone who fixes your stuff all year long? Below, you'll find gifts for $30 and up that will make your favorite tool nut speechless.

Screw Extracting Pliers ¶ 

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These pliers will delight the real tool nuts on your list. They look like so many other pliers but they have a secret super power, with special teeth on the jaw tips they can grip screw heads like no other plier. This power is so revolutionary it spawned a series of cartoons featuring Neji-Saurus, the screw extracting dinosaur. Made in Japan by folks with a real fetish for fine tools, any of the three sizes of Screw Extracting Pliers will bring joy to those with stubborn screws.

Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit ¶ 

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The Xbox is an awesome console, but it's plagued by an all-to-common overheating issue. When the Xbox overheats, it drives home its unhappiness by displaying a glowing RED RING OF DEATH. Give the gift of life to someone whose XBox has seen better days, and help them resurrect that dead Xbox 360 with this fix-it kit! Includes a tube of Arctic Silver Ceramique thermal paste, screw and washer set, new thermal pads, two stick-on heat sinks, an Xbox 360 opening tool, a small flathead screwdriver, a 6-in-1 bit driver, a T8 Torx screwdriver, and a T10 Torx screwdriver.

PlayStation 3 Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix Kit ¶ 

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The PlayStation 3 gets unhappy too, but it shows its displeasure with the dreaded YELLOW LIGHT OF DEATH. We've got just the thing for that too. The PlayStation 3 Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix Kit offers a chance at a new life for that jaundiced game console.

Oak Gerstner Toolbox ¶ 

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Want to make the tool junkie in your life proud? Give them a desktop Oak Gerstner Toolbox to hold all their small tools. Engineer, machinist, artist, luthier, or lepidopterologist; they will all appreciate such a fine place to keep their special tools. The tool chest features American Red Oak main construction, all solid hardwood except for felt lined birch ply drawer bottoms, a leather handle, and beautiful chrome hardware to finish the package. It's a scaled down version of the highly sought after classic Gerstner oak chest, right down to the diamond shaped mirror.

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