Permissions Manager

Permissions Manager ¶ 

How to Moderate Permissions ¶ 

To view all edits awaiting permission moderation, go to Permission Edits. This will bring up a page with all edits that require the attention of either people with high reputation or admins.

After clicking on an edit awaiting approval, the revision changes are visible and are typically highlighted, as shown below. Unchanged text will not be highlighted, but the edits awaiting approval will be highlighted in green.

Block Image

From here you will have one of three patrol options:

  • Accept - Edit is accepted
  • Deny - Edit is denied
  • Accept+Edit - Edit is accepted, with additional revisions you decide to add.
    • If there are multiple edits to a page by one member, they will all show up on one page. If you accept or deny one that has other edits above it, it will select the same choice for all of the edits before it. If you choose to accept the fourth edit without first choosing edits one through three, it will accept all four of them.

Can my group/company work on a guide together without permissions? ¶ 

If you want to work on a step-by-step guide with a group of people and do not want to bother with every edit waiting to be approved, there are two different options.

The first option only applies if you are a site Administrator and can set permission thresholds. If you are, you can simply set the permission threshold to 0 (or any number below all of your members' reputations) and all edits will automatically go live. This option works, but you must be aware that this means anyone with the right amount of reputation can edit your guide without waiting approval.

The second option is to create a team. All team members are able to freely edit any guide created by another member of their team. This is typically the best option when creating a collaborative guide.

Permissions Example ¶ 

  • Suppose an administrator goes and adjusts the permissions threshold for an item page to “47,000” reputation points. That means that changes will need to be verified for all changes made by people with less than 47k reputation.
  • Say then that a user who has less than 47k reputation made changes to the item supplier table (where you enter supplier URL for ecommerce linking).
Block Image
  • This is what the verified version of the supplier table would look like:
Block Image
  • Switching to the unverified version of the supplier table would show the changes made.
Block Image
  • The same user, or another, could also go list the tool/part (with the supplier table containing the edit) in as a required tool/part for a guide. It wouldn’t, however, show the shopping cart link (see the “T10 Torx screwdriver”).
  • If you were an admin, you could go and see that changes had been made on a patrolled item through /Manage/Moderation > Patrol.
Block Image
  • If you were to click on the thumbnail or link for “Torx screwdriver," you'll see this screen where you could accept or deny the changes to the item.
Block Image

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