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Ask a Question by clicking a button near the top right corner of section of Answers. The button is pretty easy to recognize:

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Tips Before Starting ¶ 

Great questions better the user and the community. Of course, off-topic posts and redundant questions are less helpful. First time question-askers are directed to info on how to ask a great question. This reduces duplicate posts and increases question quality. Good, thought-provoking questions are the lifeblood of this site!

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Ask a Question ¶ 

To "Ask a Question," you'll need to do the following:

  • Choose a specific relevant category (such as MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009)
  • Write a short descriptive title (possibly in the form of a question)
  • Then write your question

The more in-depth a description of the problem at hand and the more evidence that you've done your research, the better your question will be received.

Finally, you can tag your post to make it easy for the right experts to find it.

Discussion Topics ¶ 

On some forms of Answers, you may check a box to make a question a Discussion Topic. Discussion topics are useful when a question does not have a direct answer. This makes the exchange more like a traditional forum post. Members still receive reputation from votes, and scores are still displayed, but the default display shows posts sorted by date, rather than by score. Additionally, the original poster may not accept an answer.

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