iPod Nano 6th Generation Headphone Jack Assembly Replacement

Replace a broken headphone jack on your 6th generation iPod Nano.

Use this guide to replace the headphone jack assembly. The headphone jack assembly includes the headphone jack and the electronic sleep/volume buttons.

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Edit Step 1 Front Panel Assembly  ¶ 

  • Use a heat gun or hair dryer to soften the adhesive securing the perimeter of the front panel assembly to the outer case.

  • Be careful not to overheat the front panel assembly, as it may result in damage to the LCD.

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Edit Step 2  ¶ 

  • While the front panel is still warm, use the edge of an iPod opening tool to pry it from the headphone jack side of the front panel assembly out of the Nano.

  • Do not attempt to pry out the front panel assembly from the left side of the device, as the display data cable may be damaged in the process.

  • Continue prying the perimeter of the front panel assembly out of the outer casing, being careful not to damage the display data cable held under its left edge.

  • If the front panel is excessively difficult to lift out of the outer case, reheat the area and try again.

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Edit Step 3  ¶ 

  • Lift the front panel assembly from the headphone jack side of the Nano.

  • Pull the front panel assembly slightly away from the left side of the Nano to clear the display data cable.

  • The front panel assembly is still attached to the Nano by two cables.

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Edit Step 4  ¶ 

  • Lay the front panel assembly next to the Nano.

  • Remove the following two screws:

    • One 2.3 mm Phillips screw

    • One 2.6 mm shouldered Phillips screw

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Edit Step 5  ¶ 

  • Use an iPod opening tool to pry the steel shield out of the Nano by its upper right corner.

  • Remove the steel shield from the Nano.

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Edit Step 6  ¶ 

  • Use an iPod opening tool to disconnect the display data and digitizer cable connectors up from their sockets on the logic board.

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Edit Step 7  ¶ 

  • Remove the front panel assembly, minding its two cables that may get caught.

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Edit Step 8 Logic Board Assembly  ¶ 

  • Use an iPod opening tool to lift the headphone jack assembly connector up and out of its socket on the logic board.

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Edit Step 9  ¶ 

  • Remove the single 1.9 mm Phillips screw securing the logic board to the outer case.

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Edit Step 10  ¶ 

  • Use an iPod opening tool to gently pry the battery up from the adhesive securing it to the outer case.

    • The adhesive is very strong. Work carefully and slowly, making sure to not slip and break any fragile components.

  • Use your thumb to pull the battery toward the left side of the Nano as you pry the battery's other edge out of the outer case.

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Edit Step 11  ¶ 

  • Use an iPod opening tool to gently pry the logic board off the adhesive holding it against the outer case.

  • Do not excessively pry the logic board upward.

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Edit Step 12  ¶ 

  • Use your iPod opening tool to gently push the dock connector toward the center of the Nano.

  • Remove the logic board assembly from the Nano, being careful not to damage the headphone jack assembly cable.

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Edit Step 13 Headphone Jack Assembly  ¶ 

  • Remove the following five screws:

    • One 1.7 mm Phillips screw

    • Four 3.9 mm Phillips screws.

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Edit Step 14  ¶ 

  • Use a pair of tweezers to carefully pull the headphone jack toward the center of the Nano.

  • Avoid pulling on the cable, as it is very thin and delicate. The plastic mounting ear is a safer area to pull on.

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Edit Step 15  ¶ 

  • Very carefully pull the headphone jack assembly ribbon cable toward the dock connector to separate the sleep and volume buttons from the outer case.

  • Remove the headphone jack assembly.

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

For more information, check out the iPod Nano 6th Generation device page.

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Comments Comments are onturn off

Be aware, When replacing the on/off button, it is extremely difficult to get the rubber mould to fit correctly behind the power button. It will in all likelihood take you a good few times before the power button works properly, so make sure you test it first before reassembling!

Dave, · Reply

My problem was that there was a small plastic bit missing from the on/off-switch. I just glued it back on and now the device works again.

Here is a picture of the plastic bit and the switch where it belongs to:


And here is a video that helped me to find the issue:


Mart Kroon, · Reply

if your problem is that your player is pausing randomly - maybe just try using some WD-40 or similar to clean the contacts will fix that. you can just spray some WD-40 into the headphone-jack without dismantling it.

don't use to much WD-40, and hold your player with the headphone-jack pointing down. otherwise it may happen that the display gets damaged(happend to me - my display now discoloroud because of the liquid / but is functional anyway).

hagl, · Reply

I thank you guys so much. Especially the Tips from Dave and Mart Kroon!

This tiny plastic piece is in my opinion a deliberate bad choice for it's function, it can very easily fall out of place and leave a completely functional device useless.

I simply glued it back on with some standard glue which i aplied with the cut-of end of an q-tip. Be sure to use only a tiny amount, since the button can get glued tight and is not movable anymore.

During the disassembly, the plastic piece from my "Decrease-Volume" Button got lost, so i replaced it with a tiny piece of plastic i cut of the q-tip. Be careful not to make it to big. If it is to big and already glued on, you can leave away some or all of the 4 screws holding the buttons in place and just put a piece of plastic between the battery and the cable so the buttons stay in place but can get pressed further in.

Le Big Z, · Reply

Note that on the two-button sub-frame (the left-hand piece secured by two of the four screws in Step 13) there are two tiny locating studs which must be aligned on the replacement wire ribbon.

dave, · Reply

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