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To open the Time Capsule, you need to expose the screws that hold the case together. The screws are concealed by the rubber base on the bottom of the unit

Place the unit upside down on a clean flat work surface. You may want to place a piece of cloth or similar soft material underneath to protect the top surface while you work.

Use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat the rubber base and soften the adhesive holding it on.

Start in a corner and lift the rubber base being careful not to tear it. You may want to use a guitar pick or small plastic spatula to help separate the rubber from the metal.

Progress slowly and avoid tearing the adhesive while ensuring you don't over heat the unit.

If you tear some of the adhesive, don't worry too much about it. The existing adhesive is more than enough to allow the rubber base to stick back on to the unit during reassembly.

During reassembly, you can again apply heat to the rubber base to allow the adhesive to flow slightly and form a better bond to the metal case bottom.

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