Repairing Clothes Dryer Drive Belt

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The Tumbler is driven by a drive belt. Due to use, at some time it is highly likely this will break. Therefor the tumbler will not turn around.

  • Author: Allardvdt
  • Time required: 30 - 60 minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy

How to replace a broken / worn-out drive belt.

Fairly easy repair. Most challenging is to locate the screws

Image #1

Edit Step 1 Drive Belt  ¶ 

  • * First take power cable from socket

  • * Remove all screws (approx. 13 pcs) which hold the back plate

  • * Remove Backplate. This is done by pushing it upward for about 0,5 cm due to a lip on each side. Then pull backplate away

  • Remove the cable shoes from the two inner heater elements (approx. 5cm long, thin brownish rods).

  • Remove the metal bracket holding the 2 thermostats. WATCH OUT: Do not remove the cable shoes as these might break off. Just remove the whole metal bracket.

  • Remove the cable shoe from the ground wire (top left) (most probably green wire)

  • Remove 3 screws from black plastic cover from condensorfan (lower left)

  • Remove the metal clip on the centre rod of the condensorfan. This is done by using a screwdriver bending back the front part of the clip partially and then pulling it off with plyers.

No image

Edit Step 2  ¶ 

  • Find the three places where black condensor cover is being held to condensor. depress them and pull cover off. Now you can also pull off the fan.

  • Remove screws on middle right (3 if I remember) Most probably the tumbler will fall some cm's now (don't be alarmed)

  • Remove the 2 tubes from the condensor bucket (top right

  • Remove top cover of Dryer

  • Remove the whole aluminium back plate from tumble dryer. Now you will be looking at the inside of the tumble.

  • Oil the two wheels on the back plate. Clean away any kind of dust / fabrick

  • Oil the two wheels (bottom left in Dryer) which are attached to condensor fan.

  • Seperate manual the springloaded wheels and place the new drive belt BETWEEN the two wheels and around the central rod of the condensor fan. Ensure that the ribbled side of the belt is facing inwards.

No image

Edit Step 3  ¶ 

  • bring the drivebelt around the whole tumbler. Make sure that belt is running vertically from te two wheels. turn the tumbler manually a couple of times to ensure it is running in a straight line and that it is not twisted.

  • re-assemble the backplate of the tumbler. To do this properly, lift the tumbler up a little so it is flush with the centre piece of the backplate.

  • when having reassembled the wires and replaces the screws of the tumbler backplate and cover of condensor fan, you can choose to power up the tumble dryer and have it do some powered turns to ensure that the drive belt is running straight. BE CAREFUL NOT TO TOUCH LIVE WIRES OR GET CAUGHT IN TURNING PARTS

  • whan satisfied, reassemble the rest.

  • Good luck

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

For more information, check out the Dryer device page.

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