Cleaning the top needle of the Keurig B77

Member-Contributed Guide

Member-Contributed Guide

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How to clean the top needle of the B77 from the inside.

The hollow needle that pierces the top of the K-Cup can get clogged by coffee particles. If you try to flush it by forcing tools or fluid into the needle's exit, you risk damaging the back-flow preventing check valve. This guide shows how to disassemble just enough of the head assembly to clean the top needle from its inlet side.

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Edit Step 1 Cleaning the top needle of the Keurig B77  ¶ 

  • Identifying the parts: 1.A is the water reservoir cover. 1.B is the "Head". The needle that punctures the K-Cup is in here.

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Edit Step 2  ¶ 

  • Lift off the water reservoir cover, revealing 2.A: the overflow spout.

  • When the top needle is clogged, running the Keurig will make most of the hot water come out the overflow spout, back into the water reservoir, instead of through your coffee. That symptom lets you know you might benefit from following this procedure.

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Edit Step 3  ¶ 

  • Point the tip of your Philips-head screw driver up and remove the two screws on the underside of the head. (circled). Be careful you don't drop and lose them!

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Edit Step 4  ¶ 

  • Snip the zip-tie, being careful not to cut into the plastic hose.

  • Detach the plastic hose.

  • Remove the two circled screws.

  • Now, you can remove the top needle assembly by lowering it, done through the bottom of the head assembly.

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Edit Step 5  ¶ 

  • Blow Out the Top Needle Assembly: Just put your lips on the top plastic, and blow.

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Edit Step 6  ¶ 

  • Reassembly: perform the dis-assembly steps in reverse order. Watch it, though: the rear of the head cover can go on two ways. Tuck it close to the body of the head, or you won't be able to close the Keurig. Guess how I found **that** out.

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

For more information, check out the Keurig B77 device page.

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