Apple PowerBook G3 400 Hard Drive Replacement

Student-Created Guide

Student-Created Guide

An awesome student from our education program made this guide. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

This guide will lay out step by step instructions in order to replace and install a broken or malfunctioning hard drive.

  • Author: Kevin Keegan
  • Time required: 15 to 30 minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy

To replace the hard-drive, one must first remove the keyboard and RAM to be ready to remove the hard drive from the computer.

Image #1

Edit Step 1 Keyboard  ¶ 

  • Pull the keyboard tabs toward you while lifting up on the keyboard until it releases from it's hold.

  • To lift the keyboard out pull it up and away from you. Then place the keyboard on the track pad.

Image #1

Edit Step 2  ¶ 

  • Pull the keyboard ribbon vertically from the logic board to release connection.

  • The connector may be tight and difficult to remove. If stuck try rocking the connector back and forth while pulling up until it releases. This same process can be used for many of the connectors on this device.

  • Remove battery and CD/DVD drives before proceeding any further.

Image #1

Edit Step 3  ¶ 

  • Your computer should look approximately like this.

Image #1

Edit Step 4 RAM  ¶ 

  • Remove the two silver Phillips #1 screws that attach the heat shield to the metal framework.

  • Lift the heat shield up and toward you.

Image #1

Edit Step 5  ¶ 

  • Pull the PRAM battery cable vertically upward to disconnect it.

  • Remove the battery by pulling up and to the left.

Image #1

Edit Step 6  ¶ 

  • Remove the two T8 Torx screws that attach the heat sink to the processor.

  • Remove the long silver Phillips #1 screw from the heat sink.

Image #1

Edit Step 7  ¶ 

  • Lift up the heat sink unit from the left side and remove.

Image #1

Edit Step 8  ¶ 

  • Lift the processor on the right side and pull directly up.

  • The RAM chips should be in the slots on the processor.

Image #1

Edit Step 9  ¶ 

  • After removing the RAM, your laptop should now look like this.

Image #1

Edit Step 10 Hard Drive  ¶ 

  • Locate the orange tab, which should be just left of the hard-drive.

  • You must disconnect this orange tab from the logic board to enable the next step.

  • It is better to do this by grabbing the plastic connection point, not the relatively flexible cable.

Image #1

Edit Step 11  ¶ 

  • Grab the plastic strip shown here and gently remove, pulling up and left.

  • Pull left to avoid the hard drive catching the casing.

Image #1

Edit Step 12  ¶ 

  • Once you have removed the hard-drive, your laptop should like this.

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

For more information, check out the Apple PowerBook G3 400 device page.

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