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Macbook (White, bought Aug. 2008) charger input not working

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I know it's not the power adapter that's disfunctioning because I tested it on other computers and it worked fine. I tried removing the battery, holding the power button down for five seconds, removing the battery and simply plugging in the power adapter, and even charging it with some one else's power adapter (Not to mention that I tested about 20 outlets). None of these worked. Apple tells me that it will cost me $800 to fix it if they determine that it's not a manufacturing defect so I do not want to send it to them in case it is some other kind of damage. I am not sure what damaged it but I suspect water damage.

What should I do to fix this? Thank you so much!

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You suspect water damage? If there was water damage, then how extensive was it? You can tell us, we don't report to Apple. Tat would be critical information for any kind of diagnosis.

If there is water damage localized to that function on the Book, I'd guess (and it's just a guess) that the DC in board might have gotten zapped. I assume that everything else is working fine on the computer?

Also, is disfunctioning a word? *grin*

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Haha I misspelled it, woops! Dysfunction*

If it was water damage it was very light. Some water (no more than maybe a 3/4 cups worth) accidently flow on the table the computer was sitting on and was in the area of where the power input is (can't think of a better term). However, I quickly grabbed the computer and looked to see if there was any water in any of the input slots (particularly the USB and the headphone jack, the other two [I don't know their names] weren't checked) and there was nothing visible. However, the computer will not charge.

Everything else is in fine and working order except that I'm unable to use it unless necessary given that I can't charge the battery.

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Quote from mikeyswen79:

If it was water damage it was very light. Some water (no more than maybe a 3/4 cups worth)

I'm sorry.. but that was the funniest thing i read today.. yes.. enough to completely submerge the entire electrical system of the macbook is not a very light amount. also.. a computer that does not turn on at all is not "working fine"

Take the top case off to inspect the damage - take it to a professional Apple Repair center - not an Apple Store..

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What I meant was the total amount of water that even spilled. The amount that potentially went into the computer is no more than say a teaspoon (and even that's being generous, hopefully) since it would have entered through the tiny input jacks or possibly the vent on the back left side of the Mac (I really really doubt this though).

The computer turns on and works perfectly. The only issue is that it will not charge.

Sorry if I'm being unclear.

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P.S. 3/4 cup as in the measurement not as in a normal glass of water. LOL

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I'm sorry, I guess i did misunderstand. the original post made it sound like it was completely powerless.. if its on and running but not just charging.. it could be the battery connector board -

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Oh don't worry about it. I was a bit wordy in my first post anyways. I don't think it's the battery connector board because the computer is able to read battery life (what's left of it).

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Would that be an accurate assumption?

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I was given a 13" MacBook (I believe from 2007) a few months ago from my friend, and have the same issue -- he told me ahead of time the battery didn't work w/o being plugged in, but it was free so I thought I'd try it out. I took it to Apple, the guy told me I just needed a new battery (even though that one was only a few months old). So I ordered one for about $55 on Amazon, and it will only charge to 95%...and dropped overnight while plugged in to 93%. Also troublesome, the time remaining to charge constantly says "10:00."

I'm glad that it is at least charging the battery somewhat, but since it's a new battery I'm supposed to charge it to 100% and then drain it before recharging...but it won't get that far.

Any suggestions? Think I should attempt to replace the DC-in? I'd hate to invest anymore money in this laptop. I mean, it's fully functioning, but it's about three years old and the case is pretty shotty from my friend's rough handling of it.

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You're issue might be deeper than just the DC-in. It's unusual that it would only charge somewhat and then drop in charging as time goes on. It should go p to 100% forever, even when the battery can only last 1 second unplugged.

I hate to say this, but from what you told me, I would be thinking that's the logic board. Correct me if Im wrong mac experts.

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