looking for a diagram for Club Car Golf Cart rear brakes


My dad asked if I could find a diagram on the rear brakes for his golf cart.He has the wheels and drums off but can't figure how to remove the brake shoes.I haven't looked at it yet because they live 65 mls away but going to visit this weekend so I'm hoping to be able to have some good news when we get there.I've looked on line and have only found discripted advice,no diagrams.It sounds like it should be easy but it would help to have a diagram....Thanks

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What year is it, and is it electric or gas powered?


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Mike, you did forget to mention which Club Car it is. The brake diagram I posted is for 86-93 model DS. Of course I am certain it will also describe others. Here is what the service manual for that specific year says:"

Brake Shoes Removal

1. Loosen the brake cable at the equalizer and turn the brake shoe adjusting screw (5) outward to reach the brake shoes (6) until the brake drum (9) clears the shoes.

2. Remove wheel and brake drum

3 Remove shoe retaining clip by rotating 90 deg. while holding pin with needle nose plier.

4. Remove shoes and springs as a unit by securely holding one shoe and pulling the opposite shoe out of the grooves in the actuator.

If you need something more specific on the brakes, let us know. hope this will help you and your dad. Good Luck.

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Thanks it's an electric and I have no idea what yr it is.My dad got it used after his other died.I think this diagram will help from what he's said the brakes are similer to the ones on a car.I'll print this and take a look when we go visit this weekend.He is 75 and a cancer surviver and still trying to do as much on his on as possable but this has him a little stumped...Thanks again...


Sounds good Mike. Just let me know, I might even have the service manual for the Club Car. The brake assembly is the same for the electric and the gasoline powered cart. All the best to you and your Dad, and never give up :-)







I would like to know if it matters which way the show goes on is there a top and bottom it does not on the shoe some one removed them and put on a new set and they don't work ..I cleaned the drums with sandpaper but it did not help ..Should I sand down the shoes they seem 2 be real hard and shiney...

you could try that. What are your brakes doing, or not doing? Have you adjusted them yet?


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