water damage in down part and details


hi guys

as my sister dropped her iphone into glass of water so the screen part didn't seem to work and it seem like not charging at all but only the down bit that affected

so would like to ask that do i have to buy dock connector + any thing else?

also this is happen before she dropped her phone, whenever she press the button she has to press hard to make it respond any suggest ? :)

so iPhone 4 Dock Connector (GSM/AT&T)

iPhone 4 Home Button Assembly


Block Image


any one please :)


hey, i replaced dock coonector but it still didn't charge ?! please help

ps, i took off the battery and put on charge it works show 100% but when i put the battery back it didn't charge


ok, what i mean was when an iphone got battery inside, i plugged in a charger, it doesn't seem like charging (nothing was showing). but when i took a battery off an iphone and then plug in charge again, it turned on and show 100% on battery bar.

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iPhone 4 Dock Connector (GSM/AT&T)

Replacement iPhone 4 Dock Connector contains connector and primary microphone assembly. Compatible with all iPhone 4 GSM models. White and black options. — 50+ available at 29.95 each.

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iPhone 4 Home Button Assembly

Includes the home button and home button cable to connect to the phone. Compatible with all iPhone 4 models: GSM (AT&T) and CDMA (Verizon). Black and white options available. — 50+ available at 14.95 each.

How did you charge the battery when you took it off and what showed 100%?


So, are you saying that is does work with another battery?


its only works with no battery


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Bell, there is no reason to wait. Actually, it is advisable not to wait at all. Disassemble the phone using this guide. Clean the iPhone using this guide. It was written for a 3G but it is the same procedure for your phone. This will also give you a chance to inspect the stuck buttons. The cleaning might even free those up. It is important to clean it properly so as to avoid any corrosion damage that potential will put an end to the phone. Once it is cleaned, replace the battery. Re-evaluate and see what damage, if any, you really have. Yes, if the charging problem persist, I would change the dock connector. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Have you let it dry? As you surely have heard by now, don't turn it on! wait at least 3 days with your cell phone open.

The same thing happened to me 3 weeks ago and it's working again.

If it does turn on after 3 days but it doesn't charge, it might be your battery, that's what happened to me. To check if it indeed is the battery you have to download the iPhone Configuration Utility, available directly from Apple in their website. Check the error log and look for battery errors.

When I took it to the repair center they assured me that the problem was with the dock connector, so I would try that also if I were you.

Try to test the parts before you buy them!

Hope this helps, I went through the same as your sister, but Don't Panic!.

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