Corrosion found in logic board after water damage


Unfortunately last week I brought my Macbook Pro to an outdoors stall during a rainy day! And while one girl was typing on my Macbook, a random mass of water (that had been collecting on the roof tarp) dumped itself on her AND my brand new Macbook Pro!!!

I received advice from those around to switch it off and leave it off for a few days (and place in rice).. and I thought i had switched it off, but 5mins later, i checked and it was still on!!(with the "Do you want to shut down?" sign on the screen) ..so I quickly shut it down then (though the screen was beginning to flicker).

Anyway, it's now been 7 days, and during that time, I've left it off, put it in rice, used a hair dryer on it, etc.. but didn't realise it would be ok to open the backing by removing the screws (till i read my Macbook instructions re replacing the hard drive!)..

So finally lastnight, i removed the 10 screws from the back, and opened it up - and THERE WAS A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF GREEN CORROSION COVERING PART OF THE LOGIC BOARD!!! (I discovered it is the logic board after perusing the help guides on this awesome website!) ... There is also some corrosion (green stuff) covering some other parts..

Anyway, is my Macbook completely permanently SCREWED?(pun unintended) ...or is there a chance i can remove the corrosion and fix it???

Please please help! I'm freaking out because i definitely can't afford another Macbook! :( ...

Thanks so much!! And sorry for the extensive explanation!.. :(

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Do you have a $8000 re-flow machine, spare capacitors, IC chips, RAM chips, resistors, inverter, LCD cables, and logic board cleaning chemicals laying around your garage? You can fix this no problem if you do. If not you gonna have to outsource the work and then you'll be right as rain.


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At this point you have nothing to lose by stripping down the logic board and cleaning both sides with care. (Don't want to tear off, break, or further damage the logic board). You will need to follow the correct guide, purchase soft brushes, the proper tools and thermal paste to dis/reassemble. If cleaning works great, if not you've had practice removing/replacing the logic board. Send off to refurbish or replace it... if you think it's worth the expense. You might be able to get your HD to work in an external case to use or recover files.

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My MBP stopped working (dead) so I went back to the shop.

-They opened the casing and showed me a small corrosion on the motherboard.

This was December 2012.

Last Thursday, I tried it again, and it turned on - asking for sw. upgrades and did it all.

Now it is not reacting again...

-Anyone out there w. some comments?



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