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iPhone 3GS connection issue


My problem is very intermitten. My phone will not send text messages, calls fail, and cannot connect to the internet. The phone is displaying all bars, the ATT logo, and 3G. sometimes restarting the phone fixes the problem for a short time sometime restarting it does nothing. Sometimes after restart the phone spends sometime "searching" for a signal. All other aspects of phone including Wi-Fi work normal. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Thank you for your response. I have tried both and still have the same problem. I was thinking it was the antenna but with the phone registering a signal I thought maybe software. Im at a loss.

Tim Sinclair,

it could be the antenna..it may be able to recognise signal but when it comes to using that signal it is being rejected by the network...I read an answer on here once that explains it so much better but can't find it now. If the phone has been dropped (even from a small height..ours had this from dropping into pockets!) then the dock connector with the antenna on it may have moved enough to have made the connection tenuous. It may be worth opening your phone and just checking that the dock is snug in it's screws, connector 7 is on connected properly and that the 2 gold wings are making contact with the metal bezel. If that looks good you may try replacing it to see if it helps...sometimes you just can't see a fault but it's there.


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have you tried resetting network settings? go to settings/general/reset network settings. you might also like to remove and clean your sim card.

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