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No success after replacing battery, what next?


Hi I dropped my iPhone and there is a small crack in the screen and on the back case.

The screen didn't break and the phone was still working but it stopped charging and wasn't recognised by the computer.

Eventually the battery died and the phone hasn't turned on since.

I have replaced the battery with a brand new one, what I wanted to ask is:

Neither batteries will charge, I assume that there both carry a charge, albeit a small amount to power the device so is this a logic board issue? or the dock connector?

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okay, I will replace the dock connector next guys, thanks. Surely the new battery I bought contained enough charge so I am curious as to why it wont switch on - even with a faulty dock connector? (update) iPhone is able to power on from USB plug into the wall, but reboots after two minutes, and switches off when unplugged.

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it should have..if all your connections are correct and there was no other damage. use a multimeter to measure the charge in your batteries..


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Jake Devincenzi



Yes, replacing the dock connector is definitely the way to go, and it's a really easy fix. Here's a link to the guide.

All you need is:

the dock connector

a Phillips #00 screwdriver

a small scution cup

and a spudger

Good luck!

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The rebooting after 2-min problem also happens if u put in a wrong battery. i.e. if u put in a battery for 3G in 3GS instrument. Double-check the part number and it's origin

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