Recommended parts to repair off switch, silent switch & home button?


My power switch no longer operates correctly. I was running with the phone tucked into my shorts, and I am guessing that sweat had ruined the switch. In terms of the 'tactile' feel of the button, everything seems fine. It just doesn't do it's job properly. In fact, initially, if I pressed really hard, it would work occasionally.

What component(s) do you think I will need to repair this? I would prefer to get the parts before opening my phone up.

Secondly, on another occasion I dropped my phone (previous to the sweat damage), and the vibrate switch no longer operates correctly. When flicking the switch, nothing happens. If my phone is held in a certain way or shaken correctly, and the silent button is switched to on, it will intermittently enter silent mode for a short time. If switched to silent off, the phone functions as normal. Would I require the physical switch and housing, or just some electronic component to fix this?

Lastly, my home button has been acting oddly. I suspect it may have dirt or grime under it, as it needs to be pressed more firmly to function properly, and it feels like it gets a little bit stuck. The 'tactile' feel of the button is definitely unusual. Given that my LCD display is slightly cracked, and I will be replacing that anyway, what do you think I will require to get the home button functioning as before?

Just to clarify, I would like someone with the knowledge to take a guess at which components would be required to attempt to repair all of the above problems. I will make an assessment as to whether or not it is feasible to try to repair the phone afterwards.

Thanks for your help

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Tim you will need the headphone jack which has the power, mute, volume and headphone jack as one flex.iPhone 3G/3GS Headphone Jack Assembly It's a fiddly procedure. I'd also look at other sources such as ebay for this product that already have the metal connections preassembled-it'll make it easier for you..

the home button could be replaced along with the LCD if you purchase a front display assembly.iPhone 3GS Display Assembly

I take it you mean the LCD display and not just the glass cover? otherwise you will need this partiPhone 3GS Front Panel Assembly all of the guides for replacing these parts are linked on the page with the part. I'd suggest you read and re read the guides to make it familiar before attempting.

Product Image

iPhone 3G/3GS Headphone Jack Assembly

Does not include vibrator, backing, or switch covers/assemblies. — 31 available at 14.95 each.

Product Image

iPhone 3GS Display Assembly

Includes touchscreen glass, integrated digitizer, LCD, ear piece speaker and home button. Replace a broken, cracked, or shattered iPhone 3GS display with this assembly. Compatible with all iPhone 3GS models. — 28 available at 69.95 each.

Product Image

iPhone 3GS Front Panel Assembly

Includes front panel, ear piece speaker and home button. — 43 available at 49.95 each.

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