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i bought a n64, and i plugged it all in to the tv using the antenna cable, but i get some picture which flicker black and white and you get a lil noise so it does work but isnt recieving it, is it cause i got a new tv and it doesnt acccept such old computer?? help

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bradley, can you please explain this a bit more in detail "but isnt recieving it,"? Trying to figure out what you mean. If I understand you right, the picture is black and white with distortion.... Does it show anything right? I know that sometimes if your using NTSC and PAL mix you can get that type of error. So make sure that your N64 game and your TV are of the same type. Also you did not say what connection your TV uses, have you checked your AV cable? Make sure it is on right and of the right type. Are you connecting your N64 through the antenna of your TV. Remember to set your TV to the right channel. I do believe that it is usually channel 3 or 4 but that depends on your TV. Once you are sure that is is all set up right it might be time to disassemble your console and take a closer look at the line out connectors. Check for damage of the components as well as corrosion and debris. Let us know so we can continue to assist you. Good Luck

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