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Vita won't turn on. Solid orange charging light?


I have a Vita and it is not turning on. When plugged into the AC adapter the PS Button stays solid orange. When the power button is pressed it blinks once and goes back to being solid.

I bought this unit for super cheap. It was described as "Died one day and won't turn on". I've seen numerous Vitas with batteries that have been discharged below what the protection circuit limits and the Vita stops recognizing them. I figured that's what the issue was. Upon opening the Vita I discovered some corrosion underneath the shields, and some other indications of water/liquid damage. I cleaned the board off with >99% isopropyl alcohol. It did the same thing so I put the board into an ultrasonic cleaner and still nothing.

I've also gone through all the normal troubleshooting steps.(i.e. hol;d power for 30 secs, change cords, power+ps+vol up, etc.)

I have a feeling this particular system isn't coming back, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any components on the board that would go out first?

Thanks in advance!

**Also to note, the battery is actually being charged when plugged in. The voltage has gone up normally during the charging session/s.**

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i have the same problem. when charger is plugged in and i press the power button the ps light lights brighter in orange and when i release the power buttton i goes back to solid orange

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